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November 21, 2010

range of variation

In this module, first of all there were some part related to previous one, creating business excellence which is profound knowledge. Deming used the term as cause with special and common, but in six sigma it is being expressed as variations. These are not exactly same but more easily understandable for me. As these factor are used in both them, it is a crucial factor so we should analyse critically with statistics and exprements in order not to be confused. Most people know the significance of this, but hardly percept which tools they have to use and how to analyse it. PISSU's goal introduced me to practical ways with online systems and some experiments in classes. Especially, PMI delivered what kinds of mistakes employees and even a leader of the team generate in an organization such as what managers want to adapt and apply the changes and tranformation as soon as they obtain it from analysis on problems and find solutions. In a pizza strore, a facilitator helps them to transform themselves, but prohibited from implementing transformation. In my opinion, as many organizations are afraid of transformation, it contains substantial risks in there, so if they perform well they would get considerable benefits from it but if not they would go backward and even be bankrupt. Therefore even though they found solutions, they were on the stages of test theories, study results, implement, stadarise and finally review again.

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