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October 27, 2010


Most of us in the class talked about ISO and EFQM today. There were some differences such as methodolgy but most people understood basic and fudamental sturucture of the models. In essence, ISO is auditing standard for an organisation to get certificate which can be literally a goal not a purpose of improvement of the organisations. Furthermore, the system considers the process of manufacturing, not the guality of products. This is the point I have not realised since I thought both systems work for the quality of products. However in EFQM, because it is self-assessment tool of the company, it is relatively flexible to set a goal and adapt changes in a group,so employees also have various responsibilities. It also allocate different points depending on the factors in the assessment. Self-assessment is for the improvement of the firm, so employees should be honest and the score system is very strict. These points are the main factors I remember and I learnt even during presentations of other groups and feedback from paul. I thought I read and prepared quite many things, but they were not still enough to cover everything abuot the methods and I though I need to equip practical experince to figure out and use the tools.

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