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May 10, 2011


In a relationship of knowledge management and facilities management, they are coopertive each other. Either of these is not effective by itself and thus the connection could be comparable to one between software and hardware. Technically, there would be some overlapped part, both of them have distintive part. Knowledge could be included as facilities, but it could enable them to have more efficient processes. Therefore, the relations have to be balanced each other, and applied in the organization.


Source: Olomolaiye, A., Liyanage, C., Egbu, C., & Kashiwagi, D. (2004) Knowledge Managment for Improved Performance in Facilities Managment. The international construction research conference of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Cobra 2004.

Wave Riders is a small company that could accept any changes more easily than enterprises. Therefore, it would be better to have structured systems first, changing any parts they want. For future market in Europe, based on the structure, it would have more advanced business, technically and economically. Because the facilities cover the broad part of assets, in most sectors, Wave Riders will make good fundamentals.

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