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March 19, 2011

Decision making style

Decision making process is also related to other processes such as leadership's. It is also so complicated and could be subjective process with bias. Some can insist with the depending on bias, the process might not needed in the decision making process and this kind of things is seriously happening in reality. In leadership module, someone mentioned that Eastern and Western style of leadership is different with some apspects, and in my opinion, they are similar in this process as well. At a glance, decision makers are relatively dictative!!! They cosider expertises' opinions but in the final stage, using their intuition, make most decisions and get their responsibilities as well after the decision. There can be advantatges and disadvantages. Since they are more aware of entire situations and circumstances after combining all aspects that could be flexible. However, in terms of critical reasoning, the Eastern style includes more negative aspects. Theorically, each expertise in each part has to participate in the process and analyse it. That's why there are many kinds of tools in decision making depending on processes. Leaders do not have to do everything. However fortunatelly, the stuructures are being changed gradually. Therefore when working in the company in my future, I hope to find this process.

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