February 18, 2011


Leadership & excellence is one of the most challenging subject for me. Studying natural science, I have never been interested in this part, but could have a good opportunty to access it. First of all, to me leadership is a final destination if one is alive and is trying to be advanced in ones life. In not only a business, but also an entire life, leadership can be stimulation for people to oberve a big picture. This is first perception that I realised in this subject. I did not consider the leadership as considerable motivation, but one subject. This is why I think it is tough. In Hoshin Kanri, a leader has to balance every aspect of the company. Combing all factors, the leader can make a decision from employees. As the process has to go through every aspect and situation, it cannot help being complex. The methodology also has to so flexible and neutral that decision making process should not be in the extreme position. That is why Hoshin Kanri is a highly effective tool in terms of flexibility and became a major thought of TQM in Japan. I have read about James McNerney who is CEO of Boeing but used to be a CEO of 3M. I thought 3M is famous for post it and searched it and realised it is related to technology products. Although both companies of Boeing and 3M are based on technology, they are not directly linked each other. In here I wondered how one chairman can be transformed in each company and even he is not an engineer. Finally I found the common part was leadership. Although he doesnt figure out everything in a company he owns his differenciated leadership in a company in his field. In my experience, it was the time in a module a leader got a new task from Paul and studied about it no matter how long it takes. For the rest of time for his team, the leader's capability was required to understand situations as soon as possible. Coaching a person, I also had difficulties with many factors. First of all it is very hard to put my thought on other's process of thinking. I did not have any specialised knowledge and cofidence to persade people. That is why the job, consultant is very hardworking and get paid considerablly. In order to consult people, the consultants have to acquaint with details before consulting. James has also worked in McKinsey firm. I dont know what he did specifically in the company, but in my opinion, consulting is a practice and efficient step to become a leader. In the stage one works on knowledge to be complete, one must become versatile. Corporate social resposiblity is optional, but at least companies have to follow the law. In ethics problem, I have heard the issue is quiet new. I have watched a TV show and it said as high percentage of graduates from top MBA shools went jail, schools started to program classes about moral issues. CSR can be used as advertisement, but looking news that top business men in the U.S.A voluntarily return their assets for society, I was so impressive comparing to those in Korea. Since I could feel that they are chasing for their profit even when using CSR. It can be a problem related to steps of the company. MS was critised as it detroyed SMEs when growing up, but none can critisise that after becoming one of the biggest company, Bill established the foundation and decided to return his properties. As it is optional, it is not easy to say, but the issue has substantial value.

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