October 09, 2005

I wander

Lost in my way to ''paradise'', lost in your voice.
Lost all my aspirations, which are used to be bright.
Lost in the darkness, lost in the silence,
I wander what is the right way to my ''paradise''...

Emily Oct 2005

October 06, 2005

The Nature of Design

Writing about web page http://www.howdesign.com

How the principles of design shape our world?

What is Design? —- To conceive and plan out in the mind; to have as a purpose; to devise for a specific function or problem; underlying scheme that governs functioning, developing, or unfolding.

Basically, from the sense of the universal designs, elements (of design) are defined as the visual ingredients in any piece of art. Curved line, straight line, shape, volume, plus color, light, value, materials and texture, the combinition of these elements forms various design works in architecture, interior, industrial, graphic, furniture, landscape, and even fashion design.

Different principles of design can be used seperately or combined together in order to express or reveal an idea or a suggestion for a problem. Generally, a good design dispays the unity and variety properly which called "Unity-Variety Balance". However, the amount of variety or unity is often determined by the functional requirements of the problem.

Other principles of design includes Grouping, Rhythm & Pattern, Connection, Contrast, Context & Scale, Balance, Placement, Proportion, and Meaning.

Further reading The Nature of Design by Peg Faimon & John Weigand) Available in Warwick Library.

Emily. Oct. 2005

October 05, 2005

Marijuana is singing

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