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July 29, 2005

A return to the enchanting island called Hong Kong

From London heathrow to Behrain, (cool stalls filled with bongs at their airport by the way!.. and their lounge smelt of old carpets and sweat!) to a delayed stop in Bangkok,(cool frenchie i met on this plane who had lived in thailand for 2 yrs was teaching me fundamental thailiandish phrases to get me by in french.. hahaah.. what are the odds?) to Hong Kong airport to the rikety roads leading back to Yeun Long and finally the village that my mum grew up in.. and 30 odd looong tiresome hours later.. i'm back.. my seventh return. They say seven is a lucky number…hmmm i wonder what wonder lucky surprises this family vacation will bring.

Have now slept a full 12 hours.. hmmmm… sleep is deliciously good.. and chillin ironically in a very westernised air conditioned cafe called pacfic central with some delightful jazz musicl where servings off frappicino and lattes can be obtained. I guess one can never get away from commercialised coffe shops ever since starbucks was born.. but what the hell.. can't be complaining if you get free internet access!! ;)

And Hong Kong;.. an island as active as ever.. time IS still of the essence, and its like the people have not varied their routine, their past times, since i was there 3 years ago. Streets are still abustling and crammed with neon lights, all eager to shout out their advertisements. Hong Kong girls are still weighing like 0 pounds, on their next latest fad diet, dolled up in the latest fasion craze carrying their latest LV/gucci bag.

haha.. its cute… i can't help but smile, after all, this is weirdly my second home. The three year gap has brought me time to explore other countries in europe and the comparisons now come in to this asian island. To really oberserve the way of living, the economy, the way the children are behaving.. it's not all about meeting up with ure relatives for some dim sum or bargain shopping in sogo.. well it is that too…:D

I feel content for now.. lucky even that I have a unique ticket to integrate and really discover this country unlike any other places I have visited before. The language barrier that so often forces visitors to play the tourist role when travelling to another country has been lowered and time will tell how I percieve my distant second home.

Am I looking for myself.. arent we all? My search is now what country I want to work for and why.

July 26, 2005

the book about laughter and forgetting

Exactly what the title promises- seven mini stories, part fairy tale, part literary criticism, part political tract, part musicology, and part autobiography- a great novel that has it all.

I love the closes with a group of naked men and women on an isolated beach exchanging opinions about the fate of Western civilization and the liberation of humanity- pretty cool huh!

extract of the book: litost as "a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one's own misery."

a contradicting moto for such a title as "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting" non?

The beginning

hmm.. testing blogs one two three…

things are pretty new for me here. Ive always been a sceptic with the heavy reliance of internet use now that we can do just about anything on the computer, buy our weekly groceries, meet our future partner, study a degree online,even nuture a computerised pet!.. and here I am about to share my thoughts, ideals, goals in life, a cyberspace big brother in a nutshell.. wat the hell.. lets give this a shot.. it's just like writing a long mass email to all your friends, only everyone on the internet gets to read it.. nothing to it.

well that's what boredom does to you after 3 weeks in Essex and a cruel stark separation of my University life spent with comrades that has the same vision as mine, to have the best 3/4 years of your life.. and boy did we have that.. I miss u all….

and Tom, after reading your email coming back from tibet, I'm so envious.. I'll meet up with you for sure for the Everest thing.. just give me a few months notice so I can prepare myself!

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