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June 01, 2011

SCT 6: The Beginning…

What follows is a brief outline of the class that were the focus of my Directed Task.

Vital Statistics:

Class: Top Set Year 7 - Levels ranging from 5< Level <7

Pupils: 30 in total - 15 Boys and 15 Girls

Selected Pupils:

Child x - The highest achiever in the class who is currently working at low/mid level 6. This pupil would welcome the challenge of being stretched to level 7, maybe even level 8 work!

Child y - A middle ability pupil, strong in some areas, weaker in others, working between level 5 and 6.

Child z - A pupil at the lower end of the spectrum. Whilst their mental maths is fairly strong (perhaps explaining why they are in the top set), they seem to struggle with most of the work and are not the most confident mathematcian. I was told they are currently working at level 5, though they often fail to produce work at this level.

The class as a whole are very strong and a pleasure to teach. There are no serious additional educational needs that need to be addressed. A couple of pupils require worksheets on A4 instead of A5, but that is it. Whilst there are many EAL pupils, they are all fairly confident in english.

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