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December 05, 2010

Livin' on a Prayer…

Hello readers!

So Ive not blogged in a while; honestly I don't know how anyone has the time! You may be thinking that was quite an adventurous use of the semi-colon just then... Does anybody really know when to use that properly? (English / English with Drama / Drama with English students form an orderly queue to correct me).

Ive been thinking of ways of making this blogging malarky more interesting (for me) so that I may blog more frequently... my solution [hope you're sitting down for this... (to be honest, if you're on a computer standing up you are strange... and yes Ive just realised Ive used brackets within brackets - call the grammar police Im a mathematician, thats how we integrate)] ...ok I realise I am "divagating" (thank you Word of the Day) BUT to make it more interesting for me to blog I have decided to...

...title all of my "reflections" using a Bon Jovi song title! OMG I hear you say (I learnt that off a kid), he can't be serious? Bon Jovi; you mean the greatest band of all time (note semicolon again)? Yes my friend, the very same. That is exactly what I mean.

As for this entry, as Im currently at  ~Placement School 1~ which happens to be a faith school, this one seemed very apt. Yes thats right, not only am I going to use a Bon Jovi song title, but I am ALSO going to make it relevant to my reflection. These are no ramblings of a mad man, this all makes sense.

Now as their career has spanned over 25 years and dozens of multi-platinum selling albums, Im confident that I will not run out of songs! This is a big moment for the Blogging World of Warwick Uni, my reflections just got a soundtrack.

Until next time...

Rock on.

ps, Ive really enjoyed teaching A-Level maths (I thought I would hate that, I was wrong) and I do not enjoy teaching regular maths quite as much. The kids just don't seem to want to learn until 6th form!

Bon Jovi: the Legend.

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