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February 08, 2011

These Days…

Hello Everybody,

Its that time of the month again, time for me to "reflect" on the happenings of my life as a PGCE student... and yet again this will be set against a Bon Jovi soundtrack... This one is called "These Days" (from the 1996 album of the same name).

So what has been happening since last time??? A strong case could be made for "lots has been happening", and an equally convincing case could be made to argue "nothing has been happening"... you decide.

For now I will just focus on the first two serial weeks of PP2 at undisclosed School B.

I'm liking it. A lot. Really I am. Lots and lots. Without having taught any lessons, I already feel a greater part of this school's community than I ever did on PP1 at undisclosed School A. Maybe I'm just more confident in my ability to teach, and therefore embracing the whole experience a little better. Maybe its because it has been made very clear that the support is there if I need it and they really do care about my professional development. Or maybe I'm now in a school I could see myself teaching at. Credit to the SPO... They did alright :-)

Now let us spare a moment to think about our first Masters essay... The rumour mill has been running riot around Westwood; an ill breeze of terror and fear sweeps around the campus like Mary haunting the Celeste.

First I heard 3 out of the first 8 marked were failed. Then it was 25% of all of them. Then I heard 50% have been deemed insufficent to merit a pass... It is only a matter of time before I'm quoted a 113% failure rate... such is the sheer panic that seems to have blinded the mathematical cohort!

I'll be honest. I'd like to pass, I really would. There is nothing I'd like more than to not have to do it again. However, at the end of the day, having to resubmit would not be the end of the world. No tears will be shed. Its only an essay. Its only life. I'd expect a good amount of formtative feedback, then I could improve, resubmit, jobs done. I see no reason to panic.

Results tomorrow??? I thought that was the case. Everyone else tells me it is on thursday...??? Who knows???

Now to re-focus on PP2. I have a really good feeling about my school. It was flagged as a challenging school, but I see no evidence of that. Every school has its challenges, that just makes it normal. It is the pupils that make it special.

It is my job to make them realise: "These Days, the stars aren't out of reach" - (Bon Jovi, 1996)


These Days

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