January 13, 2011

Keep The Faith: PP1 Reflections

Evening All,

So I've been asked (repeatedly) to blog about my PP1 experience, with reference to my AP1 report, perhaps regarding my thoughts and opinions, etc...

In keeping with the Bon Jovi motif that is now running through my blog, this ones Keep The Faith.

How did everyone find PP1? I think it was a mixed bag of broken hearts and shattered dreams, a theatre of disillsuion; almost a realisation that maybe there is no hope for the future of this world. Some just called that monday morning.

Oh my god, has mathematics always been such a detested subject? Has it always been the low-point of a childs life? The Albatross around a teacher's neck?

I've heard people refer to teaching as the "best job in the world" (anon et al, 2010), I doubt they were ever maths teachers.

Almost every lesson is a battle, a war of attrition, where moving the trenches of learning forward an inch can be classified a victory. Why do we fight on? What is it that intangible force that drives us forward? The enigma that gets us through the day?

Is it the coffee in the staffroom? The idea that in 20 years lesson planning won't take quite as long? Or maybe it is just the challenge? That feeling that no matter how bad it gets, somebody somewhere will be thankful that you made that difference.

I really enjoyed PP1 at unspecified School A.

Also, the emergence of "Team W" will never be forgotten. Thank you Wanjun ;-)

Maybe not all lessons went the way I wanted, maybe my classroom management needs a lot of work, maybe my lesson plans can best be described as "works in progress", maybe one day I WILL learn all the names of the pupils in my class. But do you know what? I have faith that day will come. I survived PP1, and thats the best I could have hoped for.

My mentor and I both agree that I still have a long way to go, I'm far from the finished article but I am well aware of that, but we also agree that I have the right attributes to become a good teacher. I'm good at the things that come naturally, and I can learn the skills that don't.

My preference for teaching A-Level quickly became apparent, and those lessons were the highlights of my placement. My biggest challenge became my biggest success, so maybe there is hope yet.

In the immortal words of the rock legend himself: "Keep the Faith"


Keep The Faith

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  1. Johnny, you’re a legend. This “reflection” is hilarious!

    22 Jan 2011, 21:03

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