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January 04, 2015

Lean Six Sigma..and final thought on PIUSS

Last entry for process improvement class.

Both lean and six sigma concepts are not Specified for manufacturing industry only. Both concepts are widely use in many industries and countries already. From my research, I guess for lean six sigma is still at the early stage of it. Most of authors lean toward the integration of lean and six sigma will create a superior process improvement or enhancing results as the organisations can focus both reduction in waste and variations at the same time.

Honestly, I know nothing about six sigma or lean before this class. It is a new knowledge for me. Heard of their names before but never know what are they for. And in class experience also amazing. Some of the experiments brought back all the high school memory of math and statistic. Helicopter experiment was fun. through learning by doing helps me understand all the concepts better as I can see how it’s really work.

January 03, 2015

Lean vs Six Sigma

Some thoughts about lean and six sigma. We all know that it helps organization in terms of cost reduction, improve process and product, increase profit. But what is the differences?

from the research, this is what I have learn


  • eliminate waste
  • flow of work, value stream, pull system, reduce waste and identify value added
  • focus on workflow
  • direct: better flow
  • indirect: less variations, high quality

six sigma:

  • reduce variations
  • DMAIC: define, analysis, improve, and control
  • focus on problem, using statistic
  • direct: high quality product
  • indirect: reduce waste, increase productivity

November 27, 2014

Taguchi: Helicopter Experiment

Fun, stress free, no drama, and learning: everything in today class!!!

Today class is something you can have fun and still being able to learn at the same time. So creativity toward helicopter design -width, length for wing ans stem. some failure in our prototype but thats ok. We are not an expert!!

Being able to experiment and understand how Taguchi theory works was super fun. I was a bit confused during the lecture. But once I had a chance to work on the experimental, it was all clear. The factors, interaction, noise and confirmation!!

I think it is a good experience to do something like this, instead of learning from lecture only and understand only theory. But now we know how it can actually work in real life. I didn't do a proper math calculating for quite some times already, so it is good to bring all the memory back!! hahaha

Learning can be fun!!

Recap: PIUSS study week

After such a longggg time...I guess it's time for me to wrote something down!!!!

Recap on PIUSS study week: one tough and exhausted week

2 presentations and pma due date, not a good combination. However, I got to learn so much. We needed to learn about six sigma in such a short period of time. 2 days for preparation was super little amount of time but we managed to do it.

Thanks to all team members as we learned so much from each other. Each person did a research and we gathered together to share all the stuff that we found and brainstorm all the ideas and spent super late night together!!! prepared and rehearsed until 11 pm!!! Many dramas but eventually I think we learned to respect each other opinions and allow each other to express them.

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