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October 15, 2014

Wider perspective

Based on today presentations, we can see how we interpreted differently and what we find. I find it very useful. To listen to other view points on the same topic, it gives you more ideas and different perspective that you might not think about.

From presentation and discussion, I found that when Graeme was talking about 'target' is very interesting to me. I never think about bad side of target before and I think most of us didn't think about it. I would think that... well, you have a target to achieve, so your job is to achieve it. But from today discussion, make me think in different way. When you set a target, I guess sometimes it is like you set a limit and can stop you from improving it as you already acheived it. It's only pass or fail. And people then start to play a game just to get on the target (not above target) because you know that once you reach the target, boss will be satisfy with you already and why you want to do above target? You have your budget for this year, but then there is still some omney left, want you gonna do? Use it!

It's really change my view on target.

October 09, 2014

Back to 7th of Oct, Knowledge + Friendship as Present

Well well well, it was my birthday.....

What a productive day ever... came to lecture room where Haji already had all the stuff he wanted to say on the board. 2 hours discussion, just to brainstorm that we all were on the right track. Whatever I don't understand from reading moodle by myself, were all clear after group discussion. I guessed this is how you learn for your master degree. Not only from text book that you read hundred times and you still don't understand. But more like, from whatever all of us learnt putting into one piece of understanding.

More knowledge today, apart from mini project that we needed to do. There are so many models and practices out there. One more model from Haji... DMAIC, I think the ideas behide all the models are all the same, improvement for an excellence.

Deming: Quality start at the top... I do believe that it's true. Sustainable business needed a good management team and leadership skill.

I also didn't put too much interest in variation at first. But after today class, I think it's really important. Not just know that there is varation but what is it, what its cause, and what can it lead to. I think it can make a big different for business improvement.

I guess today present would be knowledge and friendship (we were sticked together from 9.30 till 16.00, I guess we are super close now!!!)

And I'm so sorry to my giffgaff giraffe team, I just told u guys at the end that it was my birthday!!!

October 06, 2014

First Day of CBE Class!!

First day of actual formal CBE class!!

I'm learning a lot today. Many view points, comment, vdo, audio clip, and assignments all in one day. So many mini projects that we need to do for only 2 weeks so TIME MANGEMENT is really important now. 2 weeks is such a short period.

First thing first (from what I have learnt today) ....employee come first! and I do agree with the idea, if we don't have an employee who satisfy with their job, how can they really perform (giving service or provide a produce) to satisfy the customer. Also Kano theory, very interesting. true true true, can't agree more with spoken and unspoken related to the expectation leading to satisfaction.

Also I like the idea that no one can motivate you, it's your choice you chose to do?!? I guess it is more like creating environment that make them to like and feel motivated to do - part of the team, commitment, and contribution ?!?

Lastly with Deming cycle concept, I guess I would need to try to understand with the concept of not 'pay for performance'. Come from reward field, It's abit hard to change my mind set. I would say that I think money might not be the long-term way to retain their staff. Kind of creating loyalty, ownership, or bonding would make them stay for long-term. However, they still need some recognition and money might be one of the option?!? I don't know, I guess there are still a lot more for me to learn to "Creating Business Excellence"

oh oh oh, and I hope I can organize well enough to finish all the work on time and working super well with my team.

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