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June 20, 2006

Last Ever Radio Show

Writing about web page http://radio.warwick.ac.uk

That's right – the last ever prime time with Paul and David! Tuesday, 20th June 2006, 1-3 PM


Win a valuable prize with The price is right in lost in Dave's Translator.
So how does this work? Well, we've translated the prize's name from English to Dutch to French to German and back to English, and it's come out as:

"Keeps upright, which calls the music 2006 me DVD"

Work out what that might have started out life as, guess the price of the prize and send it to us in the studion during the show, by text, e–mail or web form (see the radio warwick website for details). So, for example, if you think it's a tube of toothpaste (it isn't!) you might send in "£0.99". But today's prize is worth far more than that! Closest price at the end of the competition wins – DJ's decision is final.

Your songs just contact us (all details on Radio Warwick's Website ) and we'll do our best to play it

General fun and banter, and guests galore!

So listen in, get in contact – it's going to be great!

May 08, 2006

Listen in to RaW today between 1 and 3

Writing about web page http://radio.warwick.ac.uk

Listen in TODAY between 1&3 ON radio.warwick.ac.uk , ON 1251AM

Win – Wonka Bars with Lost in Dave's Translator
Win – A trip to New York (link)

Don't forget regular feature – Pablo's Pick of the Pop's

Plus, of course, send in your requests to the show, give someone a shout out or just join in the craziness!

May 04, 2006

Happy Star Wars Day

I completely forgot that it was star wars day today! (Well, not completely, or I wouldn't be writing this post… but it has taken me awhile).

Ah well, back to the revision boredom. If anyone wants to help distract me, send me a message on FB or something :)

March 03, 2006

Interesting website

Writing about web page http://www.yourenotme.com/

Just found this – really weird. Apparantly, there's 3 of me in the UK. Now I have to hunt them down!!! :)

How many of you are there?!

Free Chocolate! Pizza! Oh Yes! And others :)

Oh yes! I got free Pizza! :) (sorry, but you can have the free chocolate at the bottom of this post instead!)

Story: I found a reduced Pizza (bargainous one too I might add). Went to pay for it, it went through at full price, but didn't notice it until I'd paid and gone to put my wallet back. So I took the pizza and receipt to customer services. Result? Free pizza and my money back! Now I'm trying to think up ways to make that even more beneficial… heh :)

Anyway, today's free / bargainous stuff:

Free 10 Minutes Phone Calls with Skype
Free chocolate
Completely Free Mobiles - 12 Months contract

More later folks ;)

February 28, 2006

Maxim Magazine 24 Months for 9.99

Writing about web page https://secure.widearea.co.uk/dennis/campaigns/3755/Opening.html

Can't really fault this offer (although it might not be in everyone's taste!)

Get Maxim Magazine for 24 Months for Just 9.99

February 27, 2006

Listen in TODAY 1–3


Listen in today between 1–3 for a live, outside broadcast from the Student's Union and a chance to win a CD Album of your choice! How cool is that?!


February 21, 2006

Free Music!!!

Writing about web page http://www.davidapthorpe.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=41&Itemid=59

Have decided to upload my old compositions – wanted to know what people thought of them – please leave me (not too cruel!) comments.

All of them are available here: Click here to open

(I'll continue adding names later!)

February 06, 2006

Listen to RaW Between 1 & 3 Today!!!

Writing about web page http://www.radio.warwick.ac.uk

Don't forget to listen to Paul and David ON Primetime on Radio Warwick today – prizes and family fortunes abound!!!

You can, of course, listen ONline , ON 87.7FM or ON 1251AM

Of course, there's also a competition to win a Free Zen – see the website for more details :)


February 05, 2006

Simply Brilliant…

Brokeback to the future

January 16, 2006


Writing about web page http://www.facebook.com

Just… join… it :)

Good fun site. And your details are safe. And its warwick only (well, once you sign in). Allows you to link with friends who are all across the world!

And don't forget to add me :)


January 10, 2006

Bird flu worries?

Facts :

Rats Caused the Plague (well, technically they carried it link)


Pigeons are rats, with wings


We should worry about bird flu.

(Tongue in cheek analysis)

November 30, 2005


Writing about web page http://www.skype.com

Just wondered how many people use Skype on campus… I really like it, and its been good to call people with :)

Did anyone else get the free headset with the telegraph yesterday? Only I didn't buy the telegraph, just the headset (they'd run out of telegraphs) hehe :)

November 24, 2005

Christmas Prime Time Show on RaW

Writing about web page http://radio.warwick.ac.uk

OK, the last week of Term has to be Christmassy. So, on "Paul and David on PrimeTime" (I am that David), we really need two anti-request (explained later) songs… any suggestions people?

I'm thinking spice girls – sleigh ride… but failed to nominate another.

Incidentally, listen to the show – should have some good prizes to give away.

What is an anti-request?
Glad you asked. Basically, we put two songs up for nomination, and you tell us the one you don't want to hear. We then play the one with the least votes. i.e. The least anti-requested. It's brill!

November 22, 2005


Writing about web page http://warwick.facebook.com

Hey all,

If you haven't done already, join Warwick's Facebook – its a great way of meeting friends of friends, random people, and joining groups together – all in the name of work avoidance!!!

Join – and feel free to add me – I don't bite!


November 17, 2005

Who are they?! : Challenge the first

Here's a new idea – I'm going to describe someone (not too well though!) and through some cryptic clues, you've got to work out who it is. Person who gets it goes into a gallery of rogues (i'm not sure how, but i'll do it!)

OK, here's person the first's description.

This person is well sought after… they're well renowned for providing warm satisfaction in the student's union… and it must be said that when they finally broke jail, they managed to escape to foreign soil. Of course, this involved sleeping on the floor of what must be a train stop for farting customers. Of course, they're the best person in the world… probably

Comment your Guesses now!!!

Tests & Stuff

Hmmm… its been a hard couple of weeks, but I'm finally getting there!!!

Last week – 1 class test, 1 group presentation (both for credit!) and this week another class test (tomorrow, wish me luck!)

Is it me, or are universities following the secondary schools & the sixth form effects of permenant testing? What happened to good old variation? Are we just being prepared for tests all the time? It certainly feels like it.

Anyway, I should get back to work – revision – yey!


November 01, 2005


Did a big presentation today for current uses of computers today – was very nerve racking!

In related news, I also discovered my voice wobbles as I get nervous, and I'm good with hand gestures!

If anyone was there, please give me feedback – I'm keen to improve!!!