October 08, 2004


Went to an event hosted by Libelis (who we buy JDO software from) on Wednesday. Among the announcements:

  • They have changed their name to Xcalia, as it it works better in English and they are planning to expand into the US. As the CEO said, it's awfully hard to think of a name which hasn't already been registered as a .com. What he didn't say, but I'm sure didn't escape any French-speaker is that it sounds very close to escalier, staircase. Which I guess is also apt because European companies that try to break into US markets tend to find that their profitability goes steeply up or down, never stays flat.
  • They have drastically improved their GUI tools, including adding some useful-looking performance tools, and launched them as a separate product, Navilis. The JDO product is still called LiDO.
  • They are repositioning themselves slightly as an Enterprise Information Access company rather than a simple JDO vendor. I suspect this means the part of their business they want to develop most is the consultancy/integration side, which seems smart.

They had four customers give talks on how they've used LiDO, and three of the four were using it to access legacy systems. These talks were all in French, which was fine except for the Parisian whose accent lost me now and then.

Afterwards I got to talk to many Xcalia employees, including a developer turned pre-sales tech and the CTO, as well as some of the other guests including a global recruitment guy and venture capital fund manager who asked a lot of questions about what I thought of Java and .net. I was reassured that Xcalia is going to continue to be around regardless of what happens to JDO, but found out very little about what's going on with EJB 3.0. However, since the CTO is joining the EJB3 expert group hopefully we will have a channel to find out about this soon.

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  1. Chris May

    Xcalia works better than Libelis ?

    Should it be pronounced 'Scaley-er' (more like a lizard's skin) or 'Scally-er' (more like a Liverpudlian chav) ? :-)

    08 Oct 2004, 15:51

  2. Yes, apparently those litigious americans kept pronouncing it 'libellous'.

    They mostly seemed to pronounce xcalia 'eh-scally-a'.

    Their new catchphrase appears to be 'Surface Your Data'. I'm not sure what that means but maybe it's designed to be ambiguous!

    08 Oct 2004, 15:59

  3. Chris May

    bleargh. Verbing Nouns again…

    08 Oct 2004, 16:19

  4. Not really, whales surface for air and facts may surface in a court case, what confuses me is where and why does data surface?

    08 Oct 2004, 16:27

  5. Tanya Heath

    Refers to the fact that we are supposed to surface data in a challengeing enterprise context where data may be hard to reach because of multiple data sources, multiple databases and multiple locations.

    21 Oct 2004, 10:27

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