Dr JW Harley

Contact details


Phone extension 24217

Location: Cubicle 12 on level 4 of the Westwood Old Library building. The cubicles aren’t numbered, but if you count starting from the cubicle next to Mary Visser’s office and work along that row, then the next row, and so on, when you get to 12 you should be at mine (and if you went on to 23, you’d be at my old place). I moved into it in December 2004 and Maria now lives in Cubicle 23. But I decided not to change my blog title and if Maria ever starts a blog she can just think of something else.

About me


Job title: Senior Technology Specialist (I’ve taken to shortening this to Senior Technologist) in the e-lab section of IT Services. I’m also Technical Lead for the MLE Programme which means I am the technology decision-maker for projects in that programme.

In practice this involves:

  • keeping up with the latest technology in software development
  • designing/architecting software projects
  • managing software development projects
  • leading implementation teams
  • writing and maintaining code

I am now part-time, working only Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.

I’ve worked for the University for nearly 10 years, and in that time I’ve worked in or with almost all the teams in IT Services (not PC/Novell services) and extensively with the Academic Office. I contributed to the University’s SAP finance system and printer credit system and played a key role in developing the Medical School’s broadcast-quality videoconferencing system, the Online Enrolment system, the Module Registration system, Warwick Forums, mass mailing and exam timetable publishing.

I have a BSc in Software Engineering (Birmingham) and a PhD in Computing Science (Newcastle).