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January 19, 2006


A turning loose of emotion.
Getting tired
of clumsy tears
and guilty masturbation.

But mostly humiliation.
The sky is grey
but does not rain.
Pathetic. Insignificant.

Poetry dot doc.
I'm Holden Caulfield
I'm Hamlet.
I'm not.

I wrote you a poem. I
wrote a poem about writing
you a poem. I have my
life in the poem.

I should get away from this.
I want epic themes
and powerful dreams –
significant emotion.


The author is bored.
The teacher is saying
“Escape from emotion.
Have no personality.”

An overcast sky
precipitates subtly.
The pavement is wet
with significant emotion.

The author has left
his chair. He has
finished his self-portrait,
which is blank.

January 14, 2006


when together, girls will
talk about fruit.
i segue into the carpet
and listen to them talk
about fruit.

the smell of pomegranate. the seeds.
a hard stone
kept in the mouth.

when together, women will –
i talk into the carpet.
a hard word
kept in the mouth.
it's eleven, and the coals
are glowing. smoke surrounds.
we lounge and spit out stones.

have we met?
it is strange
to be talking like this.

January 09, 2006


This is not writing.
It is not the heavy thing you think it is.
There's no art to it, no poetry, no technique.

This is not mine.
I cannot change your mind in any way.
The poem is yours to start and create.

It is hollow of form, like a bowl.
It is lines on paper.
It has all the use and purpose of air.

January 2006

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