April 08, 2005

Welcome To My Blog Of Funk

Ho there, stranger.

I am Joe. I operate the web-based site funkanorak.com. That is my actual blog and it’s lovely.

But I felt the need to start a Warwick Blog as well. (Maybe I’m just greedy.) I will use this Blog of Funk for:

  • Posting creative work.
  • Replies (trackbacks) to other posts on Warwick Blogs.
  • Anything that relates solely and specifically to uni.

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  1. John Dale

    Aha! You must be the Joe Watson who was kind enough to describe Warwick Blogs as inflexible and badly designed. I hope our incompetence doesn't inconvenience you too greatly now that you're using our system. :-)

    08 May 2005, 20:59

  2. Aha, and you must be the John Dale that's interviewing me at some point about these same "inflexible and badly designed" blogs! Hello. :)

    08 May 2005, 21:09

  3. John Dale

    Yes, that's me; hi there. Will you be introducing yourself everywhere I comment, or just here? :-)

    09 May 2005, 08:05

  4. Not everywhere. That would be silly. :)

    09 May 2005, 10:30

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