September 01, 2006

Shitty matches

I’ve just been lighting cheap matches by a dried-up stream.

Matches so cheap that the flame goes out moments after it is lit. Just a spark, then nothing. How’s that any use?

Before that, I accidentally uninstalled all of my Steam files… leaving an irrevocable 8 gig hole in my C: drive…

I contemplate: the planet is organising itself according to the pattern of human psychology – the “developing world” its unconcious, Western democracy its belligerent ego, the media its hypocritical conscience. The only solution is forced, brutal therapy...

Ex nihilo nuhil fit

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  1. maybe i misunderstood you, but i would say that the planet is doing it’s own thing and human kind is attempting to organise it to the pattern of human psychology…that is exactly our downfall and at the same time a strength, of us as a species.

    “just a spark, then nothing. how’s that any use?” you can say the same thing in relation to how insignificant our lifes are in the history of time – we are no more than sparks, so why spend that spark of a lifetime lighting matches by a dried up stream my dear? and to make you feel better about the c: drive – my entire laptop crashed along with over half my music collection! WAHOO! congratulate your computer on behalf of – IT JUST LOST A SHITLOAD OF WEIGHT! you can celebrate by eating soy beans and drinking slimfast together :)

    anyways, instead of lighting cheap matches, try licking the chemicals off the matchbox lighting strip – they taste funny and make your tongue fizz :) a new experience and one that i assure you wont cause dissappointment. there are many joys in simple things, forget the fucking world and try reading the tempest instead. you may be pleasantly surprised…

    miss you xxx

    01 Sep 2006, 16:20

  2. Joe

    we are no more than sparks, so why spend that spark of a lifetime lighting matches by a dried up stream my dear?

    A point well made!

    Sorry to hear about your laptop crash. It happens more often than it should. I’m going to back up my music onto a DVD this week.

    Be seeing you soon!

    03 Sep 2006, 11:23

  3. Alex

    Gaaah… My computer’s just lost weight too – Thought I’d never need DC++ again, uninstalled the program, and it took everything I’d stolen in my first year with it…

    On the plus side, my computer is now completely legal.

    19 Sep 2006, 08:55

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