July 02, 2006

Hypothesis Confirmed

I'm closing the thread Hypothesis, i.e. making it permanently hidden to everyone but me.

I thought I might have to do this as soon as I saw people name names. There is no need for this blog to be a permanent record of grudges that will prove irrelevant in time.

It was not my intention to overtly and publicly disparage the student society in question. It was meant so that those involved would know what I was talking about and feel accordingly bad about themselves. Not to humiliate any particular person. Now that names are named it functions as something else – a kind of public shaming – which is unfair.

I was outraged about the whole thing and blogging it helped me let off aggression. Evidently the other commenters also needed to let off steam. The internet can help with that. But the thread quickly became a chance for all and sundry to loudly doubt each other's "professionalism" in a roundly unprofessional way.

I know that my post was quite immature, but the comments took it to a whole new level, despite the veneer of debating–club rationality. You did nothing to disprove what I hypothesised in the first place: that drama societies here are largely dominated by cliquiness and fevered egos.

As much as I have enjoyed this flamewar, in all its pettiness, to leave it on display would be unfair to those who were involved in the first place.

Now go have a wank and listen to Bob Marley, I certainly plan to.

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  1. Man, I always miss the good drama.

    Any chance of a summary?

    03 Jul 2006, 08:58

  2. Dave

    Just look at the google cache of it

    03 Jul 2006, 12:55

  3. Just drama people being dramary. I thought you hated that kind of stuff, Tavs :)

    03 Jul 2006, 17:47

  4. Thanks, Dave. _

    Tavs. What happened was, merely weeks ago I took a chainsaw to a room full of student actors, which goes against Equal Opps regulations apparently, hence the 'discussion'.


    Little did they realise this was a mere rhetorical gambit, instead presuming that I supported the rights of childmolesters in our school classrooms (I do not). So enormous were the implications of this premise that I was referred to immediate Clockwork–Orange–Stylee Cognitive Basic Training.

    Though I was close to becoming a rational and valued member of society, at the last moment I managed to escape the heavily–guarded facility. I stopped in an internet cafe to replenish my precious bodily fluids, and connected my nervous system to the blogosphere to remind myself that this so called "society" is merely an emergent phenomenon resulting from the petty words and actions of a million egotistical cunts.

    Thus sated, I fondled the newly–purlioned surgical blade in my right pocket, humming "The Sound Of Music" to myself, tunelessly.

    03 Jul 2006, 19:11

  5. hahaha joe that comment to tavs is the best comeback comment I have ever read! however i did take offence at this one phrase of urs: "a million egotistical cunts." how exactly can a cunt be egotistical? an ego is a division of the psyche, and to be egotistical implies use of cognitive faculties to help create an exaggerated sense of a self – cunt however is a slang term for the female genital organs which being flesh and blood do not, of course, have access to such cognitive faculties! unless u were using the term cunt colloquially as a disparaging way to refer to the said drama people, in which case i am deeply offended and disgusted by you and want your blog entry removed at one. paranoia! controversy! hysteria! etc etc
    just trying to get ur entry moving up the most comments list as soon as possible
    love x

    03 Jul 2006, 20:54

  6. Yes, let's get this ball rolling! And of course, I meant "cunts" in the sense of "nice ordinary people"... xx

    03 Jul 2006, 21:27

  7. Oh man I want some real drama. Someone threaten the life of a minor royal or something. Or post pictures of their breasts, that always causes problems.

    And Joe, never use the word blogosphere again even if it is ironic.

    You cunt :)

    03 Jul 2006, 22:15

  8. Joe, you made comments on a blog criticising a decision made by the society in question.

    Given that blogs are a public forum where the public are free to read your comments and respond as they see fit it's unsurprising that members of the society chose to defend and explain their decision.

    It was not a flamewar, it was barely even a debate, the only veneer was trying to keep it "hypothetical".

    I am constantly amazed by people's failure to realise that blogs are a public domain.

    And yes, I am an egotistical cunt.

    04 Jul 2006, 13:59

  9. And now I'm going to leave and never visit the blogs again. God, but I've started to hate these things.

    04 Jul 2006, 14:00

  10. Damian

    Webster – I always told you they were a bad thing.

    22 Jul 2006, 15:25

  11. Hating blogs is the new black. It's so hip and edgy.

    23 Jul 2006, 15:35

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