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July 27, 2005

Post Script of Fresherdom

Follow-up to Et Finalement: Le Blog from another John's blog

Still cannot get my head around the fact that in almost exactly two months I will no longer be able to introduce myself as a fresher and what is even more saddening is that there are so many people that I wont be seeing at Warwick; but life rolls on and as such so must I.

Summer has been a weird one thus far with the uncertainty of temping agencies and varied availabilities of friends from home being around so life at home has felt very disjointed.
Life at home has also raised many questions and because of the amount of time I have had to myself and sometimes they have been extended times with nothing to do, I have often found myself analysing my actions and thoughts and reactions which has its advantages and disadvantages but that is another story.
WOW that was a long sentence.
So yeah if anyone out there is still looking at blogs even half as regular as I am please feel free to get in touch.


June 24, 2005

Et Finalement: Le Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages that's right the year is over and it has taken up until the very last two days for it to finally feel like it is coming to a close for me.

I have so many people to thank for this year… but that sounds like the start of an Oscar speech.

So anyways a big shout out to everyone who knows me and a mahusive thank you to all those who have played a part in making this year probably the best year of my life – you are all wonderful people.

Keep smiling.
That's all folks.

June 06, 2005

Finished but still busy??

WAHOO exams are over as of this past Saturday.
Just as an encouragement to everybody to keep going cos it is such an awesome feeling when it is over and it is worthwhile to stick at it during the dull, repetitiveness of revision.
I have just been looking at all the stuff that I am trying to fit in between now and the end of term and my schedule is still looking fairly busy but very exciting too!!!!
It is amazing how busy I always manage to make myself – but to be honest these weeks will be an awesome time to catch up with people and chat and have fun but also on a sad note to say farewell to some amazing people.

Keep smiling everybody.

May 30, 2005

Long Time No Blogness

Ok can someone please clear up where June magically came from? I was recently looking at my calendar and was thinking "wow where did that come from?"

Since probably the start of this term I have lost all track of days, dates and university weeks. It has been very confusing and I do not care how geeky it is to admit but without Microsoft Outlook I would have missed so many more appointments/exams/lectures/people's birthdays.

Oh also to let you lovely people into some awesome inside knowledge into the world of Vesey. Me and a couple of my current corridor mates are planning (following our completion of our exams) to compete with each other on who can stay awake for the longest period of time. We will each be armed with a wooden spoon and can use it how we want to keep each other awake. Then the second competition will hopefully begin – who can sleep for the longest. I cannot wait although it is probably advised that I do not attempt to drive during either of these competitions or attempt to operate heavy machinery.

So just be aware that if my emotions seem suddenly a heightened version of what they normally are this might be the reason.

And to close with some great words – I wish you all…peace, love and soul.

January 11, 2005

Websites To View

1) for a comedy review of my home town – it's very funny
2) for a sneak-peak at the true home of cricket – my local club
3) because this year we really have the chance to make a difference
4) for all the movie reviews you could wish for and then some extra for no apparent reason
5) for that rare breed of obsessed football statisticians – hence why I know of it
6) for free online games for those times when nothing else suits the moment
7) for a good giggle at those things in the news or amusing signposts and cartoons
8) for all your searching needs and also serves as a good self competition to get longest response time for a search

Lost Message Of Jesus – Steve Chalke & Alan Mann

4 out of 5 stars
It has been interesting to read this book following a lot of media attention concerning the book and the views laid out therein. I found it truly fascinating and enlightening. Chalke gave me a completely new way of looking at passages by going through particular examples and looking with fresh eyes at the message of Jesus.
Thankfully I have the excuse that I am not a scholar and do not have to comment on Penal Substitution but I am just glad for this book because it is the first real time I have even really looked at this issue and thought through the arguments.
I would definitely recommend this book.

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