April 24, 2006


Where do the hours go and where do the days go? All of a sudden it's almost my brother's birthday and exams and deadlines are knocking at the door as well.
Since being back at university I have realised again just how lazy I am a lot of the time and it is such a depressing realisation. So many times I say so much about plans I have and things I want to but I turn out to be a man of so little action lately and it really annoys me; but apparently not enough yet to have instigated any noticable changes.
Furthermore, why do I have such an affinity for despising discipline? Every so often the questions that whirs around my head come to the root issue of me needing to be disciplined, whether in myself or by God, and I hate getting to that point and feel like a spoiled brat who wants to throw the toys out the pram.
End of another rant.

February 26, 2006

So who has their finger on the fast–forward button??

Yeah that's right kids it's time to moan again as another blog entry is being written! This time the main area of complaint is that of time and how weeks just seem to disappearing into themselves and days just seem to mush up into one another thus revealing to me how little time I have to do things I need to as well as things I want to do (often a very different list)!
Was highly scared by someone actually requesting me to update my blog. Namely for the following reasons:

  1. It highlights that people actually look at this crazyness
  2. It highlights that sometimes their boredom overtakes them so much that they long for me to blog just to drown out the silence in their lives whilst doing their work for example!!

Ciao for now kids

February 05, 2006


Bleurgh – is it a word??
Bleurgh – even if it isn't a word it certainly is how I am feeling right now.
However bleurgh like so many feelings is totally subjective; there can be no bleurghometer measuring the extent of bleurghness or comparing bleurghity between subjects.
Hence why right now I can say without hesitation, deliberation or justification that my bleurgh level is an 11.
Why is it that I think best at these sorts of crazy hours but also have my more depressing thoughts at these sorts of hours too? It really is a dichotomy. (ooh check me with the vocab!! – Hope I have used that correctly)

Have been reminded lately just how awesome my family really is, which has been lovely especially as I am seeing them all soon. I am going down to see my sister next week, then my parents are coming here the following weekend and then two weekends after that my brother is coming to visit. I am so excited by all of those visits but it does mean that I will have to plan my study and social life around them. Well ok I will have to plan my social activities around those visits because to be honest study really isn't a priority this year for various reasons but I guess it has to be done.

Keep smiling kids
End of transmission.

January 20, 2006

Calm after the storm or me reading too much into it all again??

Has been a mental last few days of hosting friends from home (hope you had fun Matt, I loved it) and crazy socialising on wednesday then a horrifically long day on thursday without any gaps for almost 12 hours!! All that plus some pretty crap news this week and a real desire to stop and just pray for the whole situation meant that by today I was really drained and almost fell asleep in all of my lectures.
So as I write I am so thankful of having tonight to myself to just chill with housemates and fart about not really doing anything and just get some rest in. Hopefully the rest of the weekend can follow the same pattern of rest and refuge.
Cannot believe we are over half way through January, crazy speed of uni continues to amaze me but is cool cos it means it will feel like really soon to when my parents visit in feb and when american amy returns – very exciting things coming up.
Just so you guys cannot read this and remain passive I thought I would add some random questions at the end to think about and reply to or just to generally ponder:
Who would win in a fight between a horse sized duck and 100 duck sized horses? (thanks to a friend for that one)
What is the point of sweetcorn?
Is Neighbours ever gonna be able to do a better episode than Scott and Sharlene's wedding?
If the answer is a chicken wrapped in banana skins then what is the question?

January 05, 2006

If penguins could fly backwards do you think they would?

Random title for might well turn out to be a random entry but hey did you really expect any less?? Or maybe the more important question is who do I assume "you" are is it the plural use of the pronoun or not? Do I know "you"? Really??
So many questions so little time so instead I'll just rant on. It is an interesting start to term for me due mainly to pressure of exams on Monday & Tuesday but also because of Alpha course starting a week today to think and pray about & prepare for. I just hope I dont get too busy too soon and get used to being so busy that I think I can cope.
I guess what I am trying to say is, as always, I am really excited by the prospect of a new term because it means another chance to enjoy my time at university but also a great chance to have fun and hang out with some amazing people and hopefully get to know them better as they get to know me better too. Also gives me more opportunities to prank housemates too!!
Anyways as I am slowly learning I am not in control of what happens and that is something to be very thankful for; so lets just see where this term takes me and I just pray that I will be walking with God throughout the adventure.
Keep smiling children, keep asking questions.
End of.

November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving – a time for giving thanks

I am thankful for so many things and yet am rubbish at recognising it and showing it.
I am thankful for my close family, for my brother and my sister and for my parents; they are all so inspirational and encouraging.
I am thankful for the rest of my family, for my cousins, my grandmas and all my aunts and uncles – I love our family shin-digs always.
I am thankful for my friends from home, I have been blessed with some amazing friends and I should try and keep in contact with more of them cos I love catching up with each and everyone of them; as proven recently.
I am thankful for all the friends I have made through my time at Warwick and I hope that we will stay in touch beyond uni but either way thank you for shaping me and influencing me and for those of you who have challenged me – I am really thankful.
I am thankful for my health, that even if I were to have a problem I am blessed with an amazing free health service.
I am thankful for my wealth that I am able to own so much and provide food for myself.
I am thankful for my education that I have access to it and it can improve my chances of employment and that I am learning from my education but learning more than just the subject.
I am thankful that every so often I have these glimpses of why I am so lucky and I pray they will be more frequent and long-lasting.
Thank you, Lord.

November 16, 2005

Keeping with Lion King Theme: The Circle Of Life

Hey viewer(s), [hopefully plural]
End of term is fast approaching and I am beginning to realise (ever so slowly) how much my life seems to go round in cycles of stuff or in cycles of me being taught stuff but unfortunately I am still yet to learn so the circles of my life continue to spin.
I can think I have changed for the better in terms of friendships and my walk with God but so often similar lessons are being shown to me but in new guises.
I wish I were less apathetic and had more desire to break these circles and come closer to God and depend on Him.
End of.

November 01, 2005

Thoughts on November

Why is it that Halloween is so widely celebrated and yet barely anyone recognises today to be All Saints Day? Is this the same reason behind the question as to why only the Dark Side is named in Star Wars and there is no Light Side??

Just some thoughts about this month that seems to have jumped up upon me – very scarily quick. Clocks have changed and now the calendar gets a page turned and we draw ever closer to Christmas.

Also something to leave you all with to think about…
… if you had a groundhog day (like in the film) what would you do? and why?

October 31, 2005

In the words of Rafiki: It is time

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages,
That is right it is time again for the blog of other-John-ness to reopen its doors to it's multitude of readers (namely me) and begin to share random stories and facts about me or anybody or anything.
Is that a cheer I hear in the distance?? Oh wait, I just forgot to shut my bedroom window – never mind.

Well this is already ramble-tastic so I better at least put some content of some (possible) worth in.
Well this term has gone ridiculously quickly I cannot believe we are half way through term. Depressingly though I have a test or assignment due for each of the remaining weeks so I am sure those weeks are all gonna blend into one big bad experience! Then come the end of term I will be almost half way through uni life as a whole – eek that is scary.
It is still very surreal at the moment thinking about future stuff and trying to plan things like internships or even ponder gap years prospects – crazyness.

But I am also so excited about this year cos already my friendships from last year are getting a lot deeper and I am getting to know people that I only really said hi to last year and they are all amazing people – so go you lot (you know who you are so dont fish for compliments of confirmation!!).

Yeah I think that is sufficient ramblings for one episode of bloggage maximus. Be back soon kids – keep sane without my updates.

July 27, 2005

Post Script of Fresherdom

Follow-up to Et Finalement: Le Blog from another John's blog

Still cannot get my head around the fact that in almost exactly two months I will no longer be able to introduce myself as a fresher and what is even more saddening is that there are so many people that I wont be seeing at Warwick; but life rolls on and as such so must I.

Summer has been a weird one thus far with the uncertainty of temping agencies and varied availabilities of friends from home being around so life at home has felt very disjointed.
Life at home has also raised many questions and because of the amount of time I have had to myself and sometimes they have been extended times with nothing to do, I have often found myself analysing my actions and thoughts and reactions which has its advantages and disadvantages but that is another story.
WOW that was a long sentence.
So yeah if anyone out there is still looking at blogs even half as regular as I am please feel free to get in touch.


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