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April 25, 2006

A 3rd chance for Tax Credits

It was announced today that for the second year running there has been an overpayment in the Chancellor's pet project – the tax credit – by £2 billion. The Treasury said that about £1 billion of this would have to be written off as they could not claw it back from the poor families it was given two in error. Again the usual government press release was put out: it has made a real difference to real people but we must do better…

Will it be third time lucky or will we hear the government's stock reply again?

Responsibility, rolling heads and deportation.

This has happened several times before and it really annoys me. I heard this earlier today on PM during Tony McNalty:

Tony McNalty: "It is a quite shocking state of affairs...a real systemic failure"

Interviewer: " what are you saying is to blame, incompetence, lack of oversight?"

TM "both..."

Int: "Shouldn't heads be rolling?"

TM: ".....Then if heads should roll then heads should roll..."

Int: "whose heads?"

TM: "I don't know....Earlier on today the Home Secretary took full responsibility for this"

Int: "Then surely his head should roll?"

TM: "No, No...."

Since when does taking responsibility for something absolve you of all responsibility for it?

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