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November 18, 2007

A few revised works

Just came across a few discarded pieces I had created for my module on anti-narrative, and tweaked them a little. I think the reason that they interest me is that basically I would never normally have written them had they not been some sort of experiment, and so they excited me when I wrote them. I'm afraid it's a case of abundance in terms of enthusiasm rather than quality, but it is here on this blog because they will always remind me of this time in my life...

                Boxing Day

   The McWellians had their own peculiar way of celebrating the winter's festivities. They would buy each other wonderful gifts, draining all the money from their wallets in the process, and spend a full day meticulously wrapping them in dazzling flashes of ribbons and patterned paper. They would go and buy a tremendous Christmas tree together and make sure that no branch was left untouched by some exquisite decoration. On the day itself, they would sit around the tree, which would be by then knee-deep in enviable presents, and watch Mr. McWellian douse the whole glittering ensemble in petrol. The tradition then dictated that they sing and clap together as all their preparations and gifts go up in flames. They knew how to cherish what they had, and not ask more of God's generosity.

   Children being as they are, however, the McWellian siblings were determined to obtain some pure enjoyment out of the Holiday season aside from their cindered gifts. And so it was that this year they begged their father to buy the biggest tree possible, and make the living room shine with the blaze. Mr. McWellian grinned, shuffled their hair, and agreed to buy a slightly larger one. After all, he didn't want them to feel deprived. They ended up barely able to fit the tree through their front door, and, when it came to the 25th, things took a turn for the worse. Before even "Silent Night" was chanted in it's completetion, the flames were stabbing at the furniture and coating the blackened ceiling with glowing heat. Despite all the fire extinguishers at their proposal, the flames soon burst through the hall and up the banister, and the family had to rush outside to escape the walls now clothed in a domestic hell.    

   They stood there on their frosty front lawn, gazing, transfixed, at their beloved home, shivering in their t shirts. I doubt they even noticed the snowflakes falling and prickling the skin of their bare arms, they were so aghast at the size of their Christmas fire. All this to say that, tempting as it may be, I wouldn't mention Christmas or bonfires once the McWellians get here, or even, for that matter, God's generosity.

                        Carpe Diem

     _______He thus fast-forwarded his age until he encountered responsibility. A



were enough for him to stumble onto his first spurts of stubble, and he immediately let his fingers graze upon his cherished clockwork pinpricks and sandpaper skin...

(First in class. A+ for being thoughtful and discovering a patch of wildernes)...

...Pouring off his chin, curling off his nostrils.He manages to be let into Lulu's, the lap dance bar down the end of our street. 

                We all know, though, how he will long for the remote razor, how he will crave to be rewound______

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