March 12, 2005

BECK (beats Athelete)

Just wanted to make sure the world is aware of the 'mighty good leader' of music, that is, Beck…........

Back in 1993 (USA) his first album 'Golden Feelings' was released. Followed shorthly after by 'A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight'. Next up came 'Stereopathectic SoulManure'.Recorded between '88-'94, this is possibly the most eclectic mix of Beck stuff on one disc. Includes bonus noise on some discs, but not all. 'Mellow Gold' became Beck's first major label album. Made with $200. Includes bonus noise after "Blackhole". Originally titled "Cold Ass Fashion". An awsome acoustic-rock album was to follow 'One Foot in The Grave' is a truely wonderful album with mainly acoustic tracks. Early stuff still but very good indeed….

tracks worth seeking out are:
He's A Mighty Good Leader
Sleeping bag
Hollow Log

One of my favourite albums came next. 'Odelay' was the first Beck album I actually heard. The unusual mix of tracks got me hooked on this strange fellow. His weird and wonderful lyrics still baffle me, but this album is possibly the oddest but one of the best…

best tracks on the album:
Devil's Haircut
High 5
The New Pollution
Where its At

01. Cold Brains
02. Nobody's Fault But My Own
03. Lazy Flies
04. Canceled Check
05. We Live Again
06. Tropicalia
07. Dead Melodies
08. Bottle of Blues
09. O Maria
10. Sing It Again
11. Static
12. Diamond Bollocks (unlisted)
all tracks come highly rated in my book! go get it kids. A fairly chilled out album.

'Midnite Vultures' became a well known album for his track 'Sexx Laws'. If thats the only song that rings a bell kids, then u need to do some more listening. The rest of the album, released in 1999, has more promisiong tracks on i promise. If you're feeling a little odd try nicotine and gravy!
01. Sexx Laws
02. Nicotine & Gravy
03. Mixed Bizness
04. Get Real Paid
05. Hollywood Freaks
06. Peaches & Cream
07. Broken Train
08. Milk & Honey
09. Beautiful Way
10. Pressure Zone
11. Debra

His newst albums are 'Sea Change' and the fairly well known 'Guero' (recently released'. Sea Change wasn't my favourite album and gave me some sceptecicsm about his new album, but so far so good. What i really like about Beck is the diversity in his albums. There's a mix of acoustic-rock to electro-pop, something for all the family! So now you've been informed as to the album history of Beck (actually spelt Bek, but only changed to 'Beck' because no-one could get their heads round 'Bek') Hanson…..go out and do some listening and let mw know your thoughts on one my all time favourite artists. thanks very much x

(p.s. and i dontn care what anyone says….especially u tom, beck IS better than 'Athelete'!!!)

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  1. Hmmm, I think the new Beck single is a wee bit dull

    15 Mar 2005, 18:45

  2. Yes…yes it is

    But Beck is legend nonetheless and i love him and wish to thank you miss maynard for forcing me to listen to more beck than my comfortable hittastic seachange and odelaycentric collection!

    Now for some new from you resident Music News Man (a little heads-up for Hulia):

    Beck played a gig!and we missed it!and he told someone to shutup!!!!DamnitJanet

    Beck is on Jonathan Ross' Television Show this Friday so make sure you are on ya sofa (or recording it you party girl) cos he should perform and talk an'everything

    15 Mar 2005, 20:28

  3. jimmy ….ur quite right. im not overly impressed with his new stuff. but his older albums are of course undoubtly brilliant really!

    cant believe we missed a gig. was only saying to vlad the other day how i was gonna look out for some gigs cos really want to see him live! darn and blast we missed it. keep your eyes open for any more up coming events mr music man howson!

    will get my mum to video him on the jonathan ross show as i will be in le france, with mon homme?! (my french skills being seriously stretched here) basically with tommy c innit! thanks for the 'heads up' also loving the 'hittastic seachange and odelaycentric collection'.................nice work!

    also not sure why he told that guy to shut up, little harsh. according to your handy link its cos he was playing too much new stuff. so in a way can see why the guy was shouting to play some old stuff (cos its better!!). but suppose when hes trying to promote his new album he doesnt really wanna focus on his old stuff. so the logic was there…....

    anyways, we can debate the jonothan ross appearance on my very blog soon….watch this space kids!

    lots 'o' love xxxx

    15 Mar 2005, 21:25

  4. Of COURSE Beck beats Athlete. Root canal surgery without the benefit of anaesthesia beats fucking Athlete, the wonky jingly-jangly "ooh guv'nah, aren't we so quirky" Mockney cunts.

    Bizarrely enough for such a distinctive character of many different styles and personalities, I quite prefer Beck's more straightforward, contemplative moments. If I had to name my favourite songs of his, I'm pretty sure the first ones out of the bag would be 'Lonesome Tears', 'Ramshackle', 'Blackhole' and 'Hollow Log'. But then I suppose the next would be 'Mutherfuker', so you can't win 'em all.

    Not got the new album through the post yet, but am positively spaffing myself at the thought of the beast. For those new to the great man, I'd plump for 'Mutations' first. Here you get the best of both worlds: the idiosyncrasy against the songwriting craft.

    Thank God for Beck, frankly. Without him the world would be a much duller place, no doubt populated by more Callings and Maroon 5s.

    31 Mar 2005, 12:49

  5. you are oh so right mr.carter. thank god for beck. Indeed for first time listeners i would aslo push 'mutations' as a spring board into the wonderful mystical world of 'Beck'. what a great contribution to music he has made, and has always been and will always be my favourite artist!

    too difficult to pick a favourite song, but up there is, 'devils haircut' and 'cold brains'

    just realised i missed out an entire album, stereopathetic soulmanure!! not actually in my posession, so will do some reseach on that and get back to u kids!

    31 Mar 2005, 16:37

  6. I wouldn't bother actually, it's pretty rubbish. Mostly incoherent noise with a few half-arsed acoustic tracks in there amongst some weird speeded-up answerphone messages. One for the connoiseurs, methinks. (Speaking of which, do you have his first few releases? Cos I'm damned if I can find the fuckers…)

    Got 'Guero' through the post this morning and just had time to hear a few bits & bobs off it before scooting out. If track 3, 'Girl', isn't a future single, I'll eat my own fist.

    01 Apr 2005, 12:22

  7. Oh, yes, and a token pointless piece of trivia: Chris Ballew from Presidents of the USA plays and sings on various tracks off 'One Foot In the Grave' (most notably 'Forcefield'). God bless that man.

    01 Apr 2005, 12:24

  8. oh good knowledge indeed, he did feature on 'forcefield' (good track!)

    i did hear some of the tracks on stereopathetic soulmanure but it didnt really make much if any sense to me (even less sense than becks other stuff) so gave it a miss. but should really include it on here, just cos it'll bug me if i dont include it.

    not got his early releases, if u find a way of getting your hands on them, let me know!

    ive had Guero for a while now, and its slowly growing on me, but its not up there with odelay or any of his earlier albums- i doubt if he ever will reach that standard again! shame, but at least the early stuff is so bloody good, it will always remain so!

    01 Apr 2005, 15:44

  9. tickets to see beck on sale now!! Hammersmith Apollo 2/6/05 and Manchester Apollo 3/2/05!!


    01 Apr 2005, 16:15

  10. you should work for the man!!!!!

    and mr carter….lauren laverne just said Girl was Beck's next single but it was in a lot of other mumbling and she didnt sound that convinced, apart from giving it "a few thumbs up"....
    although – she did say it was the first track on the album so one of you is lying to me!

    I will buy it soon but the album has taken a backseat….
    today i purchased:
    Yeti's single - Never Lose You're Sense Of Wonder ….La's summertime fun from our sulen Libertine friend

    Arcade Fire single - Neighbourhood #2 (Laika) ...Truely this band are one of the most special to come out of anywhere for agood few years, they are breathtaking - live and on record…this song is amazing and it came in a little packet and is one of those three inch singles….oh my gosh, i always knew David Bowie was a genius and all know that(!) but apart from giving me some beautiful music he told me (via the radio medium) to go see Arcade Fire….legend!!!Jules if you dont take me up on the offer to come see em in Birmingham you'll regret it!haha

    Le Tigre album … think its been out for a while but was a bit of an impulse. they're a really fun band and its summer after all!But no Deceptacon on the album…Im not happy (nor will TommyC be!)

    Jules…dont forget…this sunday, nine o clock, glastonbury…get on the 'net straight away!

    01 Apr 2005, 17:29

  11. Arcade Fire? Old hat, mate. Been into them for ages. Liked 'em even before the rest of the world was even created. Bloody good band, mind.

    My favourite track on the new Beck album so far is 'Broken Drum'. Absolutely chuffing wonderful.

    04 Apr 2005, 11:21

  12. Best Beck song is the remix with smack my bitch up to sexxx laws! Havent written a random comment on ure blog in a while, or insulted u in a while u bird turd!
    Miss u loads so obviously better see u at top b!!
    much love to u, u sinister scally wag!! (not a fecking clue what thatrs about but im a pit bissed!

    love u


    10 Apr 2005, 00:34

  13. ah, siobhan…or whatever….how ive missed your silly little banter and your pathetic excuses for insults! well, term 3 will see the unleasing of a whole new variety of insults that'll come flying your way!

    interesting combo of beck 'sexx laws' and 'smack my bitch up'. do u have it? would be interested to hear that little monkey! thanks very much. xxxx

    13 Apr 2005, 16:48

  14. Unknown

    "It's a good idea not to live your life just to please others. You don't please yourself and you end up not pleasing anyone else. But if you please yourself, maybe you'll please someone else."
    —Groucho Marx

    "The young always have the same problem – how to rebel and conform at the same time. They have now solved this by defying their parents and copying one another."
    —Quentin Crisp

    "Copying has become a national disease."
    —Donald G. Adams

    "Why copy others to be something you're not, when you can be the person you are"

    02 May 2005, 09:57

  15. what? who are you,make yourself known to me?!

    04 May 2005, 01:22

  16. Unknown

    "Copying opens your eyes to new possibilities, and new techniques… but trying to fob it off as your own is quite another matter" – Louise Bunn

    "To copy oneself is pathetic." – Pablo Picasso

    "A mere copier of nature can never produce anything great." – Sir Joshua Reynolds

    15 May 2005, 11:42

  17. again…...........what? why? who?

    16 May 2005, 20:40

  18. Betty Nugs

    I Have been an avid Beck fan since the early days of Junior high when I was about 13. That was 10 years ago and I remeber listening to one foot in the grave and drawing for hours. Tis a good alblum that, and perhaps me favorite.

    31 Mar 2006, 23:23

  19. Betty Nugs

    Whoever is calling Beck a copyier is calling anyone who ever picked a guitar a copyier. Beck is a dad blamed genius, he dabbles in every genre of music. He is like 10 Mobys with a dash of Bob Dylan's songwriting abiity and a tad of degenerate punk rock class. Bob Dylan was said to have channeled Woody Guthrie is his early years. But he broke away and did his own thing, and Beck has done that a thousand times over. Stop with your crappy wannabe be a musical psuedo-intelectual rhetoric and get off Beck's back. He is a fabulous poet, musician, artist, and performer and I'd have like 10 of his babies which is more than you've got goin for ya! Blam!

    31 Mar 2006, 23:31

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