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November 23, 2010

Some Ideas

I'm toying with a return to poetry, and I have a few ideas knocking around:

HEEL- Playing with the idea of heel as insult, command, and object of the subjugation/emancipation of women. Dogs heel, heels are like trotters, animal/livestock vs feminine imagery. Empowerment, standing tall, restriction. Contrast between high sensual ideal and low visceral description of animals etc. Inspired by an article in Men's Health suggesting that men buy their girlfriends high heels in order to tighten their pelvic floor muscles. Lovely.

FAIR- As a pair with HEEL- Fair beautiful, fairground, fair and fey, fair as light-haired, unfair and justified fair. See this more as the backdrop to some kind of described incident- used to have one in mind, forgot it??

HELLO, PLACENTA- I just love the idea of freaking out my parents with poems with titles like this. They continually want to read my work, it would be hilarious. On a more serious note, increasing distance between human concept of the self vs actual animal fact- we are basically gross and also monkeys. Have you ever considered how horrible the tongue is in your mouth, a huge slab of salivating muscle? Why is this disgusting? Why are we horrified by our own bodies? Hmmm??

Furthermore, I have an ongoing project inspired by a poem by Sappho, in which she implores Aphrodite to inflict upon the object of her desire an uncontrollable lust so that hers might be satiated. Consider the position of Sappho's would-be lover: Aphrodite is supposedly only capable/ inclined to induce sexual desire rather than actual love. Does this mean the lover's rational mind is then trapped in a body lusting after what she previously considered to be unattractive? Or does the rational mind submit to sexual desire? Is there actually a difference between love and lust in this context? Am I so pretentious that in a second, I will give birth to a tiny beat poet? ALL IS POSSIBLE.

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