February 21, 2011

It is a Poem About Batman.

I am Batman’s apolitical elbow, restless-Lee

high-kicking to the beat of the Krakatoa dragon Heap-ing

hannibal piles of miscreants on the Gotham city floor-Ring

tossing with Robin for the rebirth of Marvel-Louse

picking the remnants of King Kong’s mane Concerned

about the barefoot vested ecstasy tablet discount-Less

than a thousand feet from ordinary; but I’ll jump.

Cause in the incandescent bat light of Gotham City Station

I'm a monstrous human construct or a misappropriation

Of the million million heartbeats sucker-punching expiration

To the underbelly innards of some mafia affectation

I'm no crystalline avenger or arachnid radiation

I'm a capitalist metaphor for phallic masturbation

I'm the wet-dream of geeks, check my bat-ejaculation

Or just subscribe to my blog, it's got all my information.

I am Batman’s apolitical elbow, shuttered in my bat cloak

Folded round a bat-ladder, practicing my tennis stroke

Brooding batlike vengeance in the gloomy batlike dark

Punctuating violence with my exclamation mark

I am Batman's apolitical elbow

I am Batman's incurious shin

I am Batman's black and grey basque

I am Batman's bat-rolling-pin

I am not walking home from a party at nine

Wishing I hadn't thrown up on the spice rack.

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  1. Polly Brown


    This is brilliant!!! I love the rhythm and the rhyme… I am now turning geeky over your poem. And as for that line she can’t go all funny about it. We are university students after all. You never know- it may make her laugh :L

    Dammit, didn’t know we were allowed to direct inspiration from other stuffs. I may just have to write a Rocky Horror poem, because I’m cool like that :P

    21 Feb 2011, 21:36

  2. Polly Brown

    I like the tennis stroke bit, it made me laugh, but I reckon the the third stanza wasn’t needed. However, I famously lack judgement so ignore me as if I was a stranger eating lettuce in a strangely irritating manner.

    21 Feb 2011, 21:43

  3. Kirsty Judge

    Nah, I won’t, but I think the poem’s a bit unbalanced without a third stanza because of the structure change. I’m going to make it a little longer to balance it properly- basically the plan is to expand the delusion to an impossible amount, and then ruin it with vomit.

    I’m totally looking forward to your Rocky Horror poem.

    21 Feb 2011, 21:46

  4. Jacob Andrews

    I like it (the whole thing). Leave it in. Jane seems like the kinda person who’d faint at the word ejaculation but it’s worth it!

    (PS I’m joking. She won’t faint. Please leave it there.)

    21 Feb 2011, 21:59

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