December 12, 2010

Escaping For Christmas.

In order to excuse a certain amount of laxness in posting over the next few weeks, I'll just say now that mostly it will be because of Christmas, but I'll also be working on my non fiction assignment which I'm not really supposed to make visible to all and sundry. Not really sure what to do this assignment on yet, I find it highly likely that whatever I find interesting will inevitably bore the socks off anyone marking the damn thing. I am already referring to the project as "that damn thing" on a daily basis, which doesn't bode well for its completion.

Having spent some time puzzling over my feedback for the last assignment, I have worked out that the one bit which doesn't seem to make any sense only fails to do so because the photocopied version has chopped off the end of a sentence. Unfortunately the only bit which has been chopped off is the bit telling me what I would need to do to improve it? Mysteries are pretty fun. It seems such a small thing to bother Maureen with an email during the holidays for.

Other things I will be working on:

The fragment I thought of the post before last,

A short story about a deer,

Practising poetry in preparation for the poetry module, which I'm already terrified of,

Building up some healthy writing habits that don't involve obsessively posting blogs at 3am,

And eating my weight in sushi (just can't find a sushi bar in Coventry, I have a massive craving so if anyone knows of one, please post a comment).

That is all. Here's a fun picture of a magician:


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  1. George Ttoouli

    I should have said, ‘Don’t bore yourself first of all, then you probably won’t bore whoever’s marking your work.’ But I said it more for dramatic effect than anything else.

    16 Dec 2010, 19:51

  2. Williamstellin

    Interesting picture and heart touching thoughts. I feel very frisky to read it.Thanks for sharing such an interesting post within us.

    22 Dec 2010, 05:31

  3. Louis Bond

    I meant to say earlier – There’s a really good one is Leamington called Sushiya. If you ever take a group and don’t mind me tagging along, please let me know, I want to try it!
    Also, costcutter sells some called Yu Sushi made by a local lady, the vegetarian is really good – fried sweet tofu parcels to die for. You can also get it in the asian supermarket at canon park. It’s supposedly fresh daily.

    01 Jan 2011, 02:38

  4. Kirsty Judge

    Louis: Sushi?! I AM THERE. And YOU are coming with me. Or else.

    Mr Stellin: I do aim to touch hearts. Not sure about making said hearts frisky, but beggars can’t be choosers. Glad to be sharing things within you.

    I appreciated the dramatic effect a little too much, I guess… I get over-excited very easily.

    09 Jan 2011, 00:46

  5. Louis Bond

    Yaay, just say the word and I’m there ^^
    According to the guy that recommended sushiya, it cost £45 to feed 2, though they weren’t paying too much attention to which dishes cost what. I’d imagine one person could just about eat lunch for £15.

    09 Jan 2011, 15:56

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