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April 13, 2005

Bye bye Corrado…

Well in my bid to cut my costs, and to get something that doesn't have quite as much of a thirst for petrol, I decided to sell my car.

I tentatively put it up for sale on the Corrado Forum I help moderate on, and I also stuck an advert in the Autotrader.. two weeks passed, I got a few calls about the car but no viewers, and that was the end of that.

Then last week a lad in Bradford emailed me and asked for some more information on the car – I told him everything about it, and he arranged to come down and view it on Saturday afternoon. To be honest I figured this would be just someone who came to kick the tyres a bit and go out for a test drive.

In the end it was the opposite to that.. the guy and his brother came down. His brother was a a VW fan so he knew what he was looking for.. they looked around the car a bit, tested the electrics, I took em for a test drive, and then we went over the history. And then the deal was made, I took the cash, and they drove the car back to Bradford!

Its kind of strange to be honest. I felt sad for a short time.. i've had two Corrado's now and I really like them – they just look and go so much better than so many modern cars, and because so few people know anything about them, it makes it a bit of fun owning one. But you wouldn't believe how frustrating they can be. Because they are sporty, and because they've all been driven hard, there really aren't many unmolested examples out there.. and as a result a lot of people end up with knackered cars needing lots of stuff repairing on them. Couple that with expensive parts, a dealer network that actually knows nothing about the cars (Corrado went out of production in 1995) nor really wants anything to do with them..

Typical temptation now though.. one of the 2.9 litre VR6 versions has popped up through for the forum for sale in Nottingham at a real steal of a price.. i'm soooo tempted! The money is in the bank!! :(

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