April 29, 2005

2 weeks in 5 paragraphs and 4 words

I know, I know… I know the frequency of my posting doesn't help much to keep this blog of mine a lively, nice place that needs to be checked often… well, actually maybe I should rather use 'turn into' instead of 'keep'... :-P

Anyway, so the reason why I haven't written much (at all in English!) since my first post is, as you can imagine, these days I've been pretty busy — this time with piano and German. Yesterday my Faculty organised what they call the Spring Concert, this yearly musical meeting where anyone somehow related to Maths is invited to take part in. And, because I'm stupid, I did; which means that I spent the last couple of weeks studying like a madman these two bloody pieces that now seem to be stuck in my brain… :'( Well, the concert was quite nice though: Loads of players, a wide variety of instruments, a range of styles. Cool! :-)

As for the German bit, the other day my teacher gave us a gift in the shape of a never-ending essay on some book we had to read ("how could I be mean to my beloved students? Hang on, I have an idea!..."), so recently this lovely thing has also been keeping me quite amused… :-S

Of course, all this extra business came on top of my PhD and regular duties, which I didn't forget about. (I wrote this sentence just in case my supervisor bumps into my blog at some point, please be understanding… ;-) ) Aaaaanyway, so back to the routine now I'm trying to catch up with all the stuff I've been putting off for about two weeks… such as this blog! :-) Indeed I realised that I like writing. (Congratulations, this might be a good starting point when one has just set up a personal blog!... :-D ) Well, what I mean is the more I write, the more I like it! It all started with my occasional random emails to the people of what once upon a time had been a choir… someone suggested me to somehow publish that big pile of nonsense (yeah, that's what my style is all about!), so this virtual place Warwick is so kind to provide seemed to be just the right thing, apart from allowing me to keep in touch with people over there! Of course I feel more comfortable and words come more naturally to me when I write in Catalan, but anyhow I enjoy writing in English as well. Yes, writing is something I definitely like, but in fact just as much as reading, since I devour books when I have time for it. And languages! I love learning new languages, and… and sometimes I wonder why the hell I'm actually studying Maths, „aber das ist eine andere Geschichte“! ;-)

Hmm… it's getting a bit late so I should better make a move to bed. The feeling of having again some free time to do random stuff is wonderful — writing this post and potentially telling six and a half billion people about what my existence consisted of during the last few days has been so refreshing! :-) Tomorrow I'll even try and go to the gym… there I haven't definitely been for ages! Though the difference between me and the photo in my card is now so big that I might have trouble to get in… :-S

And now good night…

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