September 30, 2005

.cat and the new Statute

Two weeks ago, my beloved country Catalunya (Catalonia) saw how the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved the .cat domain extension, which "represents those Internet users who express themselves in Catalan". According to puntCAT, the association that's been in charge of the actual bureaucratic business for .cat to be a reality, our brand new patriotic domain will be available from next January.

On the other hand, Catalan MPs approved yesterday —after months of give-and-take between the parties that form our current Government— the new Statute for Catalunya, said to bring us, in essence, greater autonomy (with respect to spain, of course) and economic powers. Even though it's passed the thorough Catalan exam, the new Statute must still go through the spanish parliament for it to be put into practice. Let's hope they don't mutilate it too much…

Oh well, however it ends up, the two things are anyway really good news for us Catalans!! :-)

(By the way, the last sentence of BBC News' version of the story about our new Statute is something like: "The militant Basque separatists of Eta have been waging a violent campaign since the 1960s," which looks to me completely random at the end of that article. But you see, 'autonomy', 'separatists', 'Catalans', 'Basques', 'Eta'... for some reason everything seems to lump together. Hilarious. I had to laugh.)

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  1. Andy


    Do you live in Catalonia, or elsewhere ?

    I now live in Calonge, Girona and would like to chat in English to someone who knows about Catalan politics !

    19 Oct 2005, 08:56

  2. Hiya Andy! At the moment I'm living in Catalonia indeed, though I'll spend six months in Warwick from next January. To be honest I'm not much into politics, I mean of course I know the basics of our historical and current political situation —if you've been living in Catalonia for a while already, by now you surely know even our every-day life is quite linked to politics!...— but dunno if you actually meant a broad knowledge of Catalan politics.

    Anyhow feel free to email me at or (but please don't use the email address this blog provides because apparently it's about to expire!) or contact me via messenger at (I don't monitor this email address either!)

    Adéu! ;)

    19 Oct 2005, 17:28

  3. Hallo Jordi!
    ?Que tal? You can see I have improved my Spanish exceedingly, although my Catalan politics are not quite up to date either I fear! But then I have enough troubles understanding the German ones. A hopeless case it seems!
    Am currently wasting time that I don't have on posting on people's forum and maing sure than everyone is still helthy and alive. So how are your medical conditions at the moment. I don't think Barcelona is the healthiest of all places, especially when I look at the impossible traffic management, but well. Good that you're coming back to good old England soon to get some fresh air in Coventry!!
    In the meantime I'll try to get some proper fresh air in the heartland of Finland. Or embarrass myself ubelievably in one form of the thousands of winter sport activities availabe there.
    Hm, right, shoudl actuallty continuning my career as a nobel-prize winning biologist!
    Wish you all the best and hope it's getting cold enough for your LIPSoc jumper!
    bis dann

    03 Nov 2005, 11:44

  4. L'Estiu

    I was just reading about these new domains on BBC News.. which will come first .cat or .xxx?!?!

    02 Dec 2005, 14:51

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