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May 27, 2005

Three things, über die ich mich ärgere…

So my last post was all about optimism, contentment, and "how beautiful life is". Good. But —unfortunately— all that glitters is not gold, since this very life is also full of these little annoying facts that, for some reason, are always there for the sole purpose of making our lives a bit less pleasant. (Or a bit more difficult and complicated, depending on how you see the bottle…) So let me dedicate today this post to three things I'm annoyed about, which, though banal, I just feel like writing about…

The other day I was driving back home from the airport, when I found myself stuck in the middle of a sea of cars, in one of the main roads of Barcelona: la Ronda (the Ring Road). In any big city, this would be a normal-ish situation when one or two lanes turn out to be blocked by some road works or maybe an accident. But wait, where was the poor, misfortuned dented car that afternoon? Where were those annoying noisy road works?! Well, there weren't any! Oh actually, thinking about it, isn't it always the same story, back from the airport?! Yes, it is. So listen people of Barcelona's council: I can understand our roads get a bit busier during the rush hour; I can understand the city you run is quite big and hence difficult to manage. But what I (and common sense) can't accept at all is that people spend more than an hour to drive this bit (and have been doing so for ages!), and still the council doesn't do anything to fix the problem! Sometimes, when in such traffic jams, I just feel like arriving home to play this fantastic game that SimCity is, and design the nicest and most beautiful of the cities, where citizens would vote me because they enjoy the comfortable town I created for them and not just because the other parties' proposals stink more than mine…

But there's more to be annoyed about, yeah… what about German ‚Präpositionalverben‘?! Let's admit it: Learning languages can sometimes be a pain, that's an incontestable fact. So my German teacher claims that the way to memorise prepositional verbs —these adorable creatures that also inhabit the already complicated enough kingdom of German grammar— is by learning by heart sentences like „sich entschuldigen bei Dativ für Akkusativ“!... Insane, trust me! It's simply excessive having to learn six words (plus their meaning, of course!) to be able to use properly a single bloody verb!!! Definitely, ich ärgere mich darüber… ;-)

Finally, this is just more of a comment rather than an annoyance, but anyway: How can the weather be so hot already in May?! Is my body going to melt like an ice-cream in August?! If now a T-shirt is too much, what am I supposed to wear later on, apart from my skin?! :-( The problem about this is there's no-one to blame it on, but Mother Nature… :-S

Ok, it's almost lunch time so I'll better stop writing now! But my trip to Kiel, soon in this blog… :-)

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