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December 10, 2005

The Knife, a band, from Sweden

The Knife boycotted the ceremony, prefering instead to send along two of their friends. Nothing out of the ordinary there you might think, save for the fact their buddies were wearing gorilla masks and t-shirts each emblazoned with the number 50. "We are tired of the focus on people instead of music in the media," Olof rallies. "Therefore itís better to send someone you donít know, and who is also dressed as a gorilla. We are also tired of the disproportion between gender and power in the music industry. Of the ten biggest labels in Sweden, only one has a female general manager. None has a female A&R. The gorillas had t-shirts on which had the numbers 50 on it. So they scremed 50, 50! And they said this thing about the disproportion in the industy and that The Knifeís winning concept is 50/50! Thatís why we are so succesful!

December 03, 2005

I ate so much pepperoni i died

So yeah, sleep pattern being fully skewed by lack of anything worth doing in the daytime, right now is probably equivalent to the average person's 11PM.

Hoping to head back to London around roughly Wednesday, though may leave earlier/later depending on how catching up on work in the library goes. If I've left by Monday, safe to say that I won't be back for term two (simply no way I will catch up on the work).

As tradition states, it being the first day of my christmas holiday, today has been a day filled with a great deal of mental stress. Key words in this stress are "arm", "scarf" and "drunk". Less key words are "plasters", "dinner" and "drunk". A common theme is "drunk". Phrases are "kitchen baseball", "flooded bathroom" and "being a merman who lives in the ocean".

Tescos did not have any kahlua. This lowered the quality of my day by several percent.

Had first counselling appointment yesterday. It went ok (I guess).

Food of the month is pepperoni.

The Unicorns were awesome, why did they have to split up?

Still haven't made of my mind over whether I rule or suck yet.

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