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October 28, 2006

lets hear it for the awesome awesome fees demo

breakfast is from 7:45 until 8:30, and then we go down to london and topple the government


October 12, 2006

The most unpleasant thing anyone has ever imagined

a kitten with penises for legs

October 07, 2006

bands we all miss, of course

huggy bear

man they were awesome. they had the perfect level of shouting and not really playing their instruments, merely hitting them in time. weaponry listens to love is utterly amazing, despite just being largely unpleasant loud chaos in the most part. unpleasant loud chaos, when done right, is the champion of all musical forms.

royal trux

just two junkies who lived in a house with lots of guns, i think. not nearly as good as they should have been (they should have been the greatest band ever), but still, as the internet parlance goes, “fb”. i mean, neil hagerty was in pussy galore, what more do you people want? john spencer? pah.

guided by voices

if you want an explanation then you suck. if you ever went to a music festival and saw them, but didn’t pay much attention because you were waiting for, say, feeder, then go do something painful now.

guided by voices were cool, catchy, classic, clever and drunk.

nation of ulysses

oh just go and listen to them already. see how much various bands (particularly the hives) have shamelessly stolen from them. see the only band who themed themselves around a fictional terrorist group, back when terrorism was a cool thing and not a Bad Thing.

October 06, 2006

wasstastic stats from the society fair

members on the sign up sheet: 70

t-shirts sold: 7

amount of people i talked sleep-deprived nonsense to: lots

special thanks must go to dawn from the labour party who told many people to buy our t-shirts, the person who convinced me to go to bosnia next summer, the conservatives i attempted to turn away from the dark side and embrace the feminist massive, and all the wass members past, present and future who help make this society awesome, although i retract this last one if a future wass member turns out to be the next hitler.

feminist mofos


October 04, 2006

t–shirts i have known

congratulations to the guy walking past the photo booth in the student union yesterday who was wearing the big black t-shirt. your excellent musical taste was duly noted.

October 01, 2006

welcome back to coventry

i still haven’t dried off completely yet

why have i brought three belts but no blu-tack?

today’s music snobbathon donation: chicks on speed & the no heads – mitte bitte

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