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July 23, 2005

Points to consider after yesterday's police shooting

  • Given that the police were apparently in plain clothes, and quite possibly failed to verbally identify themselves as policemen, to what extent are police to blame for the man fleeing, and his consequent death?

  • Does police procedure regarding such incidents need an urgent review, given that police guidelines apparently recommend that armed, plain-clothed police officers identify themselves as such to the suspect, except in incidents relating to terrorism?

  • Would they have opened fire had he not run away? After all, there is certainly a state of hysteria in the capital at present, and the police are as much a victim of it as everyone else, if not more so due to their prominent position on the "frontline".

  • What intelligence led to the wrongful belief that the man was connected to the recent terrorist attacks? Is it the case that the net is being cast with scant regard for any innocents who find themselves caught up in police investigations?

  • Why was the man not apprehended long before he made it to Stockwell Tube station?

  • Will incidents such as this have an extremely counter-productive effect regarding the current situation of British Islamic extremism?

  • Finally, will The Sun newspaper be hauled over hot coals for today's disgraceful headline, "one down, three to go", particularly now that its incendiary tone has been coupled with complete factual inaccuracy?

July 19, 2005

Hipster Count (6)

Yo la tengo – Nuclear war, version 1
Crain – Hey cops
Trebuchet – Arms length
Youth of today – Expectations
Wow, owls – I'll be your huckleberry

July 04, 2005


European World exam – 67
European World essay – 65
Literature Report – 4
European World total – 69

History of Germany exam – 60
History of Germany essay – 68
History of Germany total – 64

British Parliament & Electoral Politics exam – 69
British Parliament & Electoral Politics essay – 70
British Parliament & Electoral Politics total – 70

Spanish – 60

Given that I was, through pre-exam pessimism, hoping to scrape a low-mid 2:1, I'm pleasantly surprised that the possibility of a first has been reborn. I was resolutely determined to get a first when I joined Warwick, only to see my determination waste away over time.

A first in all three subjects next year, or two firsts and a high 2:1, should be enough. It's unlikely, but possible.

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