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March 30, 2006

Spleen was vented in list format

  • The Rolling Stones – haven't declined with age, because it's not possible to go any lower. Never stood for anything.

  • Morrissey – solo career is on record as being the longest continuous downward spiral in history. Won't tour Canada because they club seals, but did send flowers to the funerals of both Kray twins. Idiot.

  • Leonard Cohen – king charlatan, whose songs seem designed to make teenage girls want to sleep with him. The least mystical person ever.

  • PJ Harvey – rubbish fame-chaser, whose songs seem designed to make teenage boys want to sleep with her. Listening to an album once made me literally physically sick.

  • The Arctic Monkeys – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarh. Please, stop.

  • The Kooks – actually the worst band ever. I am not exaggerating this for effect.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – not bad really, but with hair like that you will be held accountable at a higher standard than others. Albums disappointing.

  • Paul Weller – what went wrong? Lots, evidently. I blame Thatcher.

  • Coldplay – a passable, perhaps even good post rock band, ruined by a prick of a singer. Yes, I said post rock. Imagine it without the rubbish vocals and lyrics. Now do you see?

  • Beck – ffs scientology?

Special bonus for Oasis, who don't even deserve a bulletpoint

I feel MUCH better after that, hurrah.

March 16, 2006

today i solved a question that has plagued mankind for a long time

daydream nation is a better album than goo

it's true

March 14, 2006

I am a killer

At roughly 5PM today I murdered my sideburns. RIP, you will be missed.

March 12, 2006

task for today

right joe, here is a task, try and make it to anna oxygen's show, either april 1st (tacoma, wa.) or april 2nd (seattle, wa.). if you manage it then you have WON


watched film, had fun, chucked stuff out of window for laughs. would recommend – 18/20

March 11, 2006

joseph is totally having some weird weeks

But anyway.

Haven't trawled the internet looking for good bands in a while, might do that. Have of late been listening mostly to Shellac, especially the live in Tokyo album. Albini still pretty much as awesome as it gets. Reconciling personal feminism with admiration for a guy who named his second band "Rapeman" is pretty tough, but I think I've managed it.

British Sea Power's first album was pretty good. Not exactly the oddity that was built up by certain segments of the music press, pretty ordinary really, but still good.

Man, I have to find something to do for the next five and a half weeks. Else I will be bored, which is not cool.

March 06, 2006

International Women's Week

Hmmm, I've thought long and hard about hard to start this, and have tried to avoid sounding either preachy or manic. Having failed, at this, I have no choice but to say:


Seriously, this is such an important week, I myself will try to attend as much as possible.

As I perceive it gender relations in this country are so bad right now (not that they've ever been anywhere near what they should be), and anything that can be done to redress that is welcome.

March 03, 2006

Referenda results

Writing about web page

Well, I think this conclusively proves wrong the doubters who say that students just vote yes for everything.

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