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January 28, 2006

Sleeping hours

Ok so recently (last Friday/Saturday) I decided not to go to bed, to reset my sleeping hours. Had a great night's sleep Saturday/Sunday, then reset to current pattern.

Current pattern: um, sleeping roughly 6AM to 3PM most days, obviously waking up earlier on lecture days (which isn't often, thank God for a humanities schedule and a flexible definition of what is and isn't necessary).

But yeah. Half of my flat are keeping a similarish schedule. Tonight was annoying though, no one was about when I went looking for people to drink beer and listen to hip hop with. I wish my flatmates would stop spending their time having sex behind locked door with partners, or whatever they're doing (if it's anything less interesting than that then I will be even more annoyed).

But whatever. I have alcohol and a massive pile of mp3s, which is all a person needs to enjoy themselves.

Have presentation type-deal on Monday. If I don't get it prepared by Monday then I'll just get a train home, or whatever.

hey kids, here is some music that doesn't suck

Here is a link to something that should really blow you into pieces with its casual energy, but won't because everyone's too busy listening to weak u2 albums:

live from some denver record shop, it's Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Camu Tao and Metro

Although it's billed as "Aesop Rock & friends", he's hardly featured. No big deal, he rules, and so do the other four guys. The first song on there is Illy by S.A. Smash (Camu Tao and Metro). It is awesome. A version of it with better sound detail can be found here

Man I would love to see any members of Def Jux live. Compare the freestyle rap on those videos to the inventiveness of, say, Oasis or Franz Ferdinand, and if you dare give the wrong answer I will one inch punch you into next year. Or something.

January 27, 2006

Oh dear, it's election season

I remember last years general election, which was accompanied with a series of thoughtful, intelligent entries on Warwick Blogs.

I also remember last years student elections, which caused around 1000 Wacky Madcap Bastards™ to either dress up in funny costumes, invent side-splittingly awful slogans, or otherwise generally devalue an already petty process.

Already this year I've seen an Ali G (full marks for cultural relevance in 2006), but worse still I've seen some joker who Warwick Young Conservatives (ever charitable) have let be their official candidate. He pledges to listen to the students, which apparently hasn't been done this year. As well as listening to "da yoof" (the demographic that the Conservatives wish to target), he pledges to support the government on top up fees and the university on its zero tolerance policy concerning cannabis.

Um, that doesnt sound like listening to the students very much.

January 25, 2006

People who need to rot

Professional Footballers' Association chief executive Gordon Taylor feels an Englishman should be given the job.
He told BBC Radio Five Live: "It should be a chance for an Englishman.
"It is a bad reflection on the game if this country – the strongest in the world for football – can't produce a quality coach and manager.
League Managers' Association chairman Howard Wilkinson echoed Taylor's view, adding: "My point of view, as chairman of the LMA, is we would hope that English contenders for the position have got more than a head start."

Oh dear. Setting aside the ridiculous claim that England is the "strongest in the world for football" (whatever the hell that means), there is no reason why the English national team should hamper itself by not employing the best manager available, who will almost certainly be foreign.

But wait, dark horses appear on the horizon!

WIGAN Athletic chairman Dave Whelan today called for the FA to sack Sven-Goran Eriksson and appoint Stuart Pearce and Paul Jewell as England's new management team.
Whelan has accused Eriksson of "gross misconduct" after the Swede became embroiled in the fake sheik newspaper sting.
Whelan said: "The FA have grounds in my view for sacking Eriksson.
"What he has done is gross misconduct and the man has to go.

Shut up you silly little man.

Former Scotland coach Craig Brown believes Motherwell manager Terry Butcher should succeed Sven-Goran Eriksson as England's next boss.
The Football Association is searching for Eriksson's successor with the Swede set to stand down after the World Cup.
Brown told BBC Sport: "There's one name that hasn't been linked with the job and it should be and that's the former England captain Terry Butcher.

A man whose biggest managerial achievement is being competent at Motherwell?

Amazingly, someone still has a sense of perspective:

He [Pearce] was also fiercely critical of recent suggestions he could succeed Eriksson, claiming they were "ludicrous" and "embarrassing".

If it has to be an Englishman, then Curbishley please, otherwise Hiddink, Hitzfeld, in fact any half-decent foreign manager, but please, please not that fat fucking whining prick of a Bolton manager.

January 24, 2006

Abuse and IT Services

Writing about Criticism vs abuse from Blogbuilder news

I think IT Services should be concerning themselves less with the abuse they have been receiving, and more with the reasons why so many people are appalled at their shoddy standards and terrible level of service, and thus feel the need to respond in an untactful manner.

Alternatively, they could try getting Resnet to work properly, or at least admit defeat and allow campus residents to claim compensation.

Or they could just carry on regardless, with no visible improvements whatsoever, as has been the case all year.

January 21, 2006


Writing about web page

Factor is a Shailian Land shark who grew up in the mean streets of L.A., making him a Street Shark. He now fights crime by biting off the arms of evil-doers.
Moby Lick was an attempt by Dr. Paradigm to create a fourth Seaviant, using an old friend of the Shark's nicknamed Jets. After first dosing him with an experimental mind control serum, Dr. Paradigm then gene-slammed him with a Killer Whale. Moby Lick has a long, prehensile tongue (the source of his name), great strength and the ability to suck up water and then expel it through his blowhole.
Rox was a famous rock star named Melvin Kresnik before Dr. Pirahnoid accidentally turned him into a Bull shark. Dr. Pirahnoid had wanted to change all the people in a concert into mutants by combining popcorn with shark genes. Ultimately, the Street Sharks stop Dr. Pirahnoid and Rox was the only one transformed.

haha why was i not informed of this?

January 18, 2006


Downing Street has refused to comment on reports that police foiled a plot to kidnap Tony Blair's five-year-old son, Leo. The plan is alleged to have involved extremists sympathisers with the Fathers 4 Justice campaigning group. According to the Sun newspaper, the intention was to snatch Leo, the Blairs' youngest son, and hold him hostage to highlight the plight of fathers denied access to their children.

I was all set to unleash my disdain for Fathers 4 Justice, but I noticed that the story originates from the Sun, so I'm assuming that it's based on roughly 1% fact, 49% badly-hidden agenda, and 50% sales seeking.

Now I'm all ranted up with nowhere to go.

January 16, 2006

Groupwise please choke and die in the most violent and unpleasant manner

I am trying to access and reply to an email that needs to be replied to by around about, well, pretty much now, so work you utter, utter son of a bitch.

January 08, 2006

Stereolab – John Cage Bubblegum

C'est le plus beau
et c'est le plus triste
C'est le plus beau
Paysage du monde

It's the most beautiful
and it's the saddest
It's the most beautiful
Landscape in the world


This is the time of year when students may amend their exam/assessment methods for summer 2006 exams. Although Exams Office will allow further changes at a later stage, they discourage this as too many late changes can seriously disrupt the exam room seating. This will be the FINAL time that you may ADD modules.

I'd prefer to be able to take away modules, and be given a degree for the two and a third years I have spend feeling like utter shit, as opposed to the two and a third years I have spent feeling like utter shit ending in being thrown off my course for finally caving in and collapsing due to not being able to take anymore of being here, and thus failing my degree (as I am destined to do, due to substandard intelligence/effort).

I have fucked this year up so much, and there is no help/cure whatsoever.

In short: bollocks. Well done on wasting 2+half years of your life Shepherd, plus copious pounds.

Recently read "our band could be your life" by michael azerrad.

I really want to move to Olympia, Washington, and be part of something that isn't here, but is actually something I care about.

I want to be Beat Happening

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