October 14, 2005

Offbeat social

Well, I went, after nerves etc stopped me going from such things before. The first two hours were alright, and I spoke to a few people. I got the impression that the Colosseum event starting at 10PM should be avoided like the plague, but I ploughed on regardless.

A brief description of my 4 hours at the Colosseum: fucking shit. fucking fucking fucking shit. I'm perfectly capable of drinking on my own in a number of varying and exciting places, I don't need a club in which to do it. The idea of having a first social of the year, where people are supposed to get to know each other, in a club where this is clearly impossible, is an idea of startlingly bad proportions. The music was shit, the people were unfriendly, everything was crap. Not good.

Needless to say I drank stupidly large amounts to compensate for the general feeling of shitness, got the coach back at 2:15, sicked up, and collapsed asleep in a drunken heap on my bed. All in all I feel that the evening was a thumbs down. Chances of me going to another offbeat sociall: slim to none.

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  1. Will

    Damn, sorry to hear about the bad experience but I wouldnt write it off just yet. If you come along in the future and don't be shy bout talking to strangers, just do it!

    21 Nov 2005, 16:32

  2. I'm unlikely to come again, because I can see exactly the same thing happening as before.

    22 Nov 2005, 22:54

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