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October 30, 2005

major nostalgia burst

Just had a major nostalgia burst for the Moldy Peaches. Yes, they ruled, but note to self: BACK THEN YOU HATED YOURSELF.

(how little changes?)

Currently listening to some MF Doom to erase the baneful effects of nostalgia. God forbid that in three years time MF Doom will be a nostalgia burst.

this title is better than yours

Ok, so recently I conducted a poll amongst myself to find the most "rock and roll" and most "punk" songs ever written or recorded, and found that the answer to both questions was the same: Bikini Kill – Don't Need You. And people dared to say that Johnny Rotten sounded "punk" – Kathleen Hanna fucks Johnny Rotten up the ass.

Thought 1: any good band needs good drums, and I don't mean that in the "man, he plays good drums", justification for Blink 182, kind of way. Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi), is a good drummer, but this would mean shit if it wasn't for the fact that the drums sound good on record and live. Meg White, for instance, is a great drummer in that her drumming is perfect for who the White Stripes are: Travis Whatthefuck from that defunct pop-punk band would sound ridiculous in this instance, and hopefully would get a pounding from Jack White (who seems predisposed to doing stuff like this).

Recently, I went to a Warwick Offbeat night, and had a shit seven hours salvaged slightly only by my own drinking. My bitching on this subject has been covered before. But my new angle is thus, and influenced by my recent listening: why did they not play anything by MF Doom. Doom annoys me because I hadn't heard anything by him before he breached mainstream indie conscience and pitchfork started furiously beating themselves off over him. Thus I cannot get heard-him-first syndromed. However.

Doom utterly rules. I have no idea if he and Aesop Rock have ever recorded on the same track, but if they have, it's probably the pinnicle of everything ever, or something.

Less now, more then: I wish the Moldy Peaches would reform. I must have seen them live about four times, and seeing as I've been to two gig in the last two years (man I need to stop being a recluse, or at least move to America where they have good bands) that is pretty good going. Oh the UTTER joy when John Kennedy played Rainbows on live radio without having heard it before, then realised quite what the language on it was like. Sample lyrics:

"You gotta have rain
to have a rainbow
You gotta have dick
To have a dick in your mouth
You gotta skin a rich kid
to wear a rich kid suit
And you’ve gotta know by now I think you’re cute"

Is it only me who finds those lyrics strangely touching and beautiful?

Anyway, I met John Kennedy once, but was too starstruck to talk to him. Starstruck, by a man who looks even more a nerd than I do. I don't even believe in the culture that would ALLOW me to be starstruck. Man I am quite lame.

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