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May 30, 2005

Hey man, I wanna have a fight with you

Yes. In future, all entries will be titled with Shellac lyrics, at least until I forget.

Anyway, revision continues at its slow pace. To distract myself from the icy embrace of Friday's exam, I have dedicated this evening to wine, ice cream, South Park, and the joys of music. Like usual then.

AnYwAy: Now I will list some bands that manage to be both British and amazingly manage to still be good (and haven't split up!): Electrelane, Bearsuit…um, can't think of any more right now. There are probably at least, oh, six more that meet the criteria, and who didn't peak five/ten/twenty years ago.

List of bands that really, really suck: Hard-fi. Of course, many thousands of bands suck, but I would like to stress just how much Hard-fi are a band that define absolute nothingness. They're practically a call to convert to nihilism, for how can you believe in anything at all when a band so weak are allowed time on television. People may complain their bleating faces to the point of bleeding when it comes to Crazy Frog, but the deranged amphibian is a mere drop in the ocean in comparison.

I would love to add Maximo Park to the list of suckage, but I have as yet heard nothing by them. I would say that I'd love to be proved wrong, that they actually sound great, but that would be a lie: I hate to be proved wrong about ANYTHING. I have built up an irrational dislike of this band, on God knows what evidence, and I want it to be fulfilled. Ah well, I once said I hated Portishead, and they turned out to be the most awesome thing ever (when I was a 15-year old, anyway).

Am worried that I might be becoming a reactionary. Mental note: go out and torch some cars tomorrow. Hit the capitalist lackeys where it hurts – get Top Gear taken off of the air!

I totally don't get this, but it seems "fb" for the sake of arrogance, so whatever – probably just another dumb FFVII fan, like me.

I watched "A Fistful of Dynamite" last night – it was pretty much awesome, despite the overbearing misogyny. One day I will write mine feminist thesis, and it will stun the world (though I am becoming increasing terrified that I am nothing but a chauvanist in disguise).

I find myself thinking thus: why are not more blog entires like this: a stream of spit random thoughts, composed by alcohol abuse and a deeply insecure and desperately posturing to be cool by some criteria psyche. As opposed to being either: a) boring, b) too smart or c) unfunny crap. Mental note: stop insulting all and everyone. I will definately expand upon this in future, when it isn't buried in a stream of consciousness rant (it's not really a rant, but hey).

This entry is definately sponsored by the humble colon (:!!!). I love it like a brother, that handily seperates my phrases in often-incorrect grammatical ways.

I realise that this is not containing enough in the way of obscure bands, so I will mention one song in capital letters, to better attract the attention (of nobody, I know): KNAPSACK - KATHERINE THE GREATFUL. It sounds in the vein of early Idlewild, whilst not actually sounding anything like them. Yes, that fucking makes sense.

Oh, the power of swear words.

Discovery made today: the wonderful sound of vintage Stereolab can replace even grey Coventry with the beauty of Amelie-ish Paris. I even saw hot air balloons, and I goddamn hope they were a hallucination.

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