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June 26, 2005

Nike Thieves (the new must have shoe!)

Some members of the upper echelons of Nike must really loathe the company they work for. They've realised that, despite the sweatshops, many kids, young adults and aging businessmen trying to kid themselves that they're still relevant will still buy their products, choosing to turn a blind eye. After all, we all know who own Converse these days. Exploitation isn't enough.

So then, how to lose customers? How about a cynical and obvious attempt to target a particular demographic, combined with blatant theft? Why not rip off a Minor Threat album cover from the mid eighties and use it in a bid to convince the punk/skateboarder crowd that Nike is For Them.

What's best is of course that Minor Threat, Fugazi, and all bands involving Ian MacKaye, as well as the Dischord label, are the best example of a long term dedication to not "selling out". Dischord has lasted over twenty years on the philosophy of not ripping off your fans, and MacKaye is perhaps the least likely person to ever agree to allow any music or images he has created to be utilised for the purpose of advertising. Therefore, he's the perfect person to rip off if you want to gain the hostility of anyone already suspicious of big business and "the man", for it suggests that not only is capitalism enshrined in law, its chief representatives consider themselves to be above the law.

Let's hope these anonymous, brave executives succeed in the future, with even better acts of blatant corporate theft and arrogance. I salute them, and their cause.


"I'm happy to have them download the music, it doesn't bother me at all, because that's why I made the music, because I want people to hear it, that's it, that's the point…if someone's selling downloads and collecting money for our songs I would be unhappy about that but if they're trading it I don't mind, obviously if I make a thousand records or CDs or whatever, I like to sell a thousand. I don't need all the plastic. Obviously I would like people to support us, that'd be great. But at the end of the day, I'd rather people hear the music…if people lose their incentive to make music because they're not making money, they're not musicians. They're business people. Musicians don't have a choice in the matter, you gotta make music. There's no choice! It's not a fucking job description, there's no choice! You make music because it's what you do and the idea that it's sort of like saying that, "Well, this person is an artist, they're a painter, but because they can't sell their paintings they're going to quit." If they do, they're not artists! They're business people." (Ian MacKaye, 2004).

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