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May 22, 2005

Oh man, how perfect

For some reason, I had assumed Helen Love had split ages ago. I checked their website around three and a half minutes ago, and happily discovered that this is not the case. \0/

Does your heart go boom is utter wonderfullness:
"I know he's getting better 'cuz he's getting excited
telling everyone he hates Man Utd".

Such wonderfully apt and timely words. Joy unto all the world.

The flag of Cuba, the flag of Cuba, the flag of Cuba, the flag of Cuba

If there was one song I could recommend to the populace right now, and I was forbidden from mentioning either Prolapse or Shellac (the twin bastions of awesome), it would thus: Sofa – Monatone.

I have this song on a Constellation Records compilation, which was given to me by someone, but with it being left at home, I just downloaded it. Omg etc, fight the power, download taping is killing music. Whatever. Downloading music rules: from napster to audiogalaxy to indious on dc++, my musical tastes have greatly expanded thanks to the powers of the interweb. God forbid people are allowed to listen to music that isn't played on the radio, society is on the verge of collapsing thanks to such evil innovation.

Anyway, it rules, the perfect blend of post rock and not being boring and shit. Joy.

I have taken the liberty of downloading another Sofa song, to see if this is merely a one off. One minute in, and the signs are good. Man, this is really good. I know they split some time ago, which is a shame, but par for the course given my record of liking bands precisely five minutes before they break up.

In fact, they split in 1997, when I was a mere twelve years old. Goddammit. Just a four year existence. I hope payback for this is enacted when The Rolling Stones spend eternity burning in hell.

Interlude: great moments of the Olympic games, number one: Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists in the black power and unity salute, on the podium. For this, they were stripped of their medals, forced out of their national athletics system, and banned from the Olympic village.

Remix of the day (night?): Chicks on Speed – Fashion Rules (Alter Ego remix).

Further statistical information: the best single released this year so far is: The Futureheads – Hounds of Love. I am right.

I'm currently ahead of schedule to become an alcoholic by age 25, by as much as two years! Wooh! A triumph for people who lead a boring life.

Changing the subject to that of football: I was overjoyed to see the result today, particularly given the dominance of the evil empire that is Manchester United. I watched in the student union today (or whatever that side bit of it is called, the bit above where you go to collect keys, I can never remember its name). One individual even noticed my Barnet shirt, and I had a two minute conversation with them. They were a Billericay fan, the team from whom we signed Richie Graham, esteemed producer of excellent runs, brilliant crosses, and frequent piss poor passes.

Such affirmation of non-league support was positive, but it did strike me that, given that Warwick University, to the best of my knowledge, draws most of its membership from the south of England, it was rather odd that Man Utd supporters appeared to outnumber their Arsenal counterparts by quite a considerable margin. I fear there was weeping in the streets of Dunstable and Chelmsford tonight.

Conclusion: I rule.

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