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January 21, 2006


Writing about web page

Factor is a Shailian Land shark who grew up in the mean streets of L.A., making him a Street Shark. He now fights crime by biting off the arms of evil-doers.
Moby Lick was an attempt by Dr. Paradigm to create a fourth Seaviant, using an old friend of the Shark's nicknamed Jets. After first dosing him with an experimental mind control serum, Dr. Paradigm then gene-slammed him with a Killer Whale. Moby Lick has a long, prehensile tongue (the source of his name), great strength and the ability to suck up water and then expel it through his blowhole.
Rox was a famous rock star named Melvin Kresnik before Dr. Pirahnoid accidentally turned him into a Bull shark. Dr. Pirahnoid had wanted to change all the people in a concert into mutants by combining popcorn with shark genes. Ultimately, the Street Sharks stop Dr. Pirahnoid and Rox was the only one transformed.

haha why was i not informed of this?

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