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October 19, 2005

The Llama Farmers in retrospect, plus more fun

Seriously, despite the name, the bad hair, and the fact that they were four teenagers from Greenwich, they really were very, very good. One day I might even buy something by them (lies, I have an EP and a single). At random I shall choose a band that they are six times better than: New Order. The end.

Bands who got worse: Idlewild. Not that they're now a bad band, but seriously, listen to "you just have to be who you are" and if you dare try and tell me they have ever recorded a better song i will snap you a rib. I only wish I could have seen them live before they got mellow. A shame. "You cha cha cha by hell you are", or whatever they were shouting.

Anyway. Linguistics, semantics, or whatever the correct term is, but I find the structure and (particularly) the appearance of sentences to be extremely important. Capital letters ruin the symmetry of sentences, but it feels somehow wrong to leave them out. Maybe giving up commas is the answer. Well. Might get back to this one later, one day.

Speaking of Idlewild, another band who fell off: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. Yes, they are still good. Yes, I saw them in 2004 and they were great. However, the best part of the 2004 great experience was hearing Diamonds O Monte Carlo, from their debut album Patio. It enduced severe emotion, etc. It's a fucker that my tape copy of that snapped. Anyway, they need to stop being an above average folk band, and go back to being the awesome welsh-language brilliance that they once were. Once they were so good that I wanted to learn to speak Welsh. More of that please. Thanks.

Gang of Four were also good. Pity they got shit and reformed. Fair enough though, having seen x,xxx,x26 bands rip them off over the past couple of years, they at least had an excuse, unlike most of the other cack-merchants who re-collect their greasy forms together to jerk out their "hits".

Offbeat news: I have as much chance of going to another Offbeat social as I have of licking a leper. No disrespect to the three people I spoke to (in the six and a half hours I spent in offbeat company), but it really sucked. I am quite capable of drinking too much and sicking up in a number of places, and most of them have a better soundtrack.

Respect given to the fellow Shellac fan though.

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