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May 19, 2005

The old 1–2

Reasons to like Nakatomi Plaza:
1. They sound really good. Yeah I know, what an ineloquent reason – where are the flourishes ffs?
2. They take their name from Die Hard. Which, let us be honest, is a great film.

Reasons why One Armed Scissor is an utterly fantastic song, but The Mars Volta aren't all that:
1. ATD-I were never anything special, beyond that one song (in my mind, anyway).
2. But man, that song. Seeing them mock tv slimes such as Jools Holland by afroed jumpings and hurlings of guitar, barely coherent singing and guitar playing, no relationship to the stand-and-strum that pollutes music, provoking the disapproval of anyone who ever liked Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and thank fuck for that. "Will you get this letter" etc, man it is something.

Reasons why The Honor System disprove old stereotypes:
1. American spellings are not only just as valid as English ones, they are often easier to type.
2. They prove that not all "emo" is sucky shit.

Reasons why I will be either pleased or displeased by the random choice of next song I am about to choose from my hard drive:
1. Pachinko – The Ballad of Bon Scott Mominee.
2. Dammit, I am neither pleased nor displeased. Note that next time I will fix this so it's something great or shit.

Reasons to justify the existence of Dressy Bessy:
1. It's summer, and so are they.
2. Twee is good, just remember Talulah Gosh.

Reasons why The New Amsterdams disappointed me:
1. They failed to live up to the name.
2. In fact, they were just pretty dull really.

Reasons why Shellac will always deserve more than two points covering them:
1. This great live in Tokyo set I just found.
2. Just fuckin' kill him.
3. That absolutely brutal guitar, particularly on Dog & Pony Show. The audio equivalent of hitting things with a wall, and I'm not just saying that for NME factor, that is actually what they sound like at times.
4. Steve Albini being himself.
5. Being prepared to have an instrumental three minutes prior to any lyrics, AND being able to pull this off perfectly, because guitar, bass and drums happen to be 75% of the fun in this case, not just fodder for a whiner to excrete his voice over. Scum bands take note.
6. Cocaine and cosmetics, mafiosi and prosthetics…BACK IN THE BOX (I think).

Two songs I have been particularly loving recently:
Wire – Ex-lion tamer
Papas Fritas – Afterall

Coming soon, "Refused, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, and how I learnt to unlove the Baader-Meinhof Gang".

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