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May 05, 2005

My lovely friendly election entry

Well, after deliberating between Liberal Democrat and Socialist Somethingorother, I plumped for the former, safe in the knowledge that my vote will make a slight difference in, um, possibly pushing them into second place, maybe even within 10,000 votes of the Labour candidate. Woah!

Anyway, this isn't about my small part (lololololol) in the elections. No, this is merely an attempt to capture my rather unhappy state of mind whenever I learn that there exist people in the nation who vote Conservative.

Given the internet's love of quizzes, I attempted recently to make one myself, entitled "what kind of Conservative voter are you?", but I gave it up after the bile began to heavily outweigh any humour present, with categories such as "creep", "xenaphobe" and "just plain stupid".

Economics is not a subject which I regularly engage, so I suppose there may exist grounds on which anyone au fait with such knowledge might choose Blue, based upon economic theories. But beyond that, I see little reason. After all, UKIP offer all the tough on everything, garlic hating, border guarding policies that a petty Englander would ever need, and they hide behind an even thinner veil of respectability that Michael Howard does.

Despite having gone on several anti-war demonstrations myself, and being far from the biggest supporter of Tony Blair, it must be said that, compared to the other governments of the last thirty or so years, New Labour have been relatively succesful. This isn't just anti-Thatcherism either, I also include in this the three day working week-era old-style Labour regime.

Face facts: government always lets us down. The trick is to elect the one that lets you down least, and I see no way in which the Conservative Party would have had a beneficial effect on the country in the last eight years. A worse economy, an quasi-racist immigration policy and a Tony Martin on every street would have been far more likely results.

Finally, for anybody who feels that the Tories have changed from their old self, take a look at the disgusting entity fronting them. For every Clarke, Johnson or Paris, there is a Winterton or Townend, and a dozen more goons towing the party line.

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