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May 01, 2005

Dudes, I totally should meet more people, and stuff

Yeah, so it being a rare occasion in which an evening was spent outside of my room and in the company of others, I receive a fresh reminder of the benefits of company, etc.

Being honest, and attempting to remove both self-pity and egomania from my opinion, I am far from the worst in the world at meeting, greeting and talking nonsense, particularly the latter. I excel at ranting nonsense, so logic dictates that I should do this more often.

Anyway, I ate many burnt and unburnt meat products, managed to saw through two paper plates with a plastic knife, lost at Goldeneye despite repeatedly cheating (both by lowering my opponent's health when he was out of the room, and distracting him with bubblegum) and generally spouted much nonsensical information. Joy.

Hipster count is up to (5)

!!! – There's no fucking rules dude
The germs – Circle one
Quit your dayjob – Pissing on a panda
Coachwhips – Evil son
Viza-noir – Run for mayor

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