May 24, 2007

liverpool–supporting tories

Former Conservative leader Michael Howard was at the game and he said: “I didn’t think the match should have been held at the stadium.

“It’s not a football stadium and is not equipped to cope with that number of people.

“Ticket checks were a joke. Many people with valid tickets were not allowed in.

“That is not acceptable and Uefa really need to look at their procedures and make sure everything is all in order.

“As far as I’m aware no-one was hurt, and that’s a mercy, but it’s no thanks to the Greek authorities, and I’m afraid there was a large measure of incompetence.”

But Gaillard (Uefa spokesman) responded: “It is very easy to say it is not a suitable stadium, coming from the man that invented the poll tax.”


May 08, 2007

a brief guide to being loathsome

May 07, 2007

good things happen




May 02, 2007

Premiership league table (based on managers who are not utter shits)

Writing about web page /daisychristodoulou/entry/mourinho_again/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

1. Aston Villa
2. Man City
3. West Ham
4. Tottenham
5. Everton
6. Reading
. (boring middle bit)
16. Watford
17. Blackburn
18. Chelsea
19. Man Utd
20. Bolton

(Assuming that the monstrous moaning Jabba-like thing at Bolton had not resigned in order to save the club’s dignity when the story finally breaks about his rampant bung-taking)

18 and 19 level on points, both relegated. Would be the best season EVER

April 29, 2007

power of youtube hurts my retina

1. the rogers sisters – never learn to cry (more bands should be this cool)

2. the mountain goats – no children (john darnielle is some kind of deity, ok?)

3. erase errata – tax dollar (i thought they were going to save music, whatever that means)

4. evilnine & aesop rock – crooked (surreal as ever. aesop rules)

5. coachwhips – hands on the controls (mental dancing)

6. the breeders – divine hammer (much better than the pixies)

7. bangs – sweet revenge (shouty awesomeness)

8. prolapse – ten bob (they are the best band to ever exist. THIS IS NOT OPINION)

9. fiery furnaces – tropical iceland (oh why oh why did their second album have to suck? they still rule though)

10. the moldy peaches – the ballad of helen keller and rip van winkle (see, they could do amazingly beautiful sad songs, as well as ones about fetishes and bunnies)

April 25, 2007

Question of the day

Why are fat cricketers so likeable, but fat snooker players so detestable?

April 02, 2007

In retrospective: Ikara Colt

Ikara Colt were awesome, and if by some strange circumstances they had collectively murdered the members of The Kooks and The Fratellis, I would definately help shelter them from the law.

God, when will the good bands return to us. The Future of the Left (ex-Mclusky) are releasing an album soon, but apart from that, the British music scene is a disgusting dead husk.

Pray to God for a knife to the temple of the NME and its ilk (Artrocker and their substantially substanceless selves).

March 26, 2007



March 09, 2007


March 07, 2007


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