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October 10, 2004

Party? Shopping experience.

Party here actually is a verb,which i have known much meanings than before from British people and even some EU people.People here all enjoy party, just like Chinese people like having dinner together and never get tired or bored about eating.

I entred every shop in Coventry city centre on Saturday and had a roughly general idea of what people like and what they want to buy here in the UK.I saw GAP,H&M,NEXT,CLARK,and so on. Yep, and even ETAM.Though it is the same brand ETAM,here in Coventry,Etam holds a more beautiful and charming style of clothes than it holds in Beijing.I found some kinds of items worth buying here while i felt very hard to pick out one single top or skirt in some Beijing shops. Other girls here felt the same.

In each shop, you can easily find a special section where the clothes and assesories are particularly designed for party.Very sexy and low-cut tops with sparkling tiny things. Very,very,very low…....i don't think that i can wear those to a party.

It seems pretty hard for me to buy shoes here. My size is 3…the number that i can find in kids counter. But i don't necessarily worry about this because kids here wear very mature clothes,which means that i can buy some sorts of shoes at an attractively low price.

Moreover, underwear…the size here is huge…even little girls, for example 9 years old, wear bras as well. Comparing to ordinary British women, i am just a kid with no breasts….What a horrible thing! YES,British people are stronger than Chinese people. They are more likely to encounter weight and health problems due to their weight and way of eating.

There are more discounts and sales in shops. I bought some items in Coventry simply because it was on SALE!!! the prices were very attractive and more important of all, i had nothing here…Some shops sold commodities for half price, and some even had a 60% off. i bought a skirt for only 4.99GBP while its original price was 19.99GBP. Size 8 is very easy to find in the sales areas.

Come back to the party thing. I will go to a party with my flatmates tonight. However, i am quite sure that i won't enjoy the party anyhow. i'll be back to study no later than 30mins after being in the party.

I am very confused at this custom. Why British people like parties and pubs so much???

October 05, 2004

Work hard. Play hard. ?

One of my close friends told me that it should be "work hard, play hard, then DIE fast."

Life is something we never know clearly. It is a long,long journey all by oneself.

We have every right to choose the style of our lives. Some people set their lives to leisure edition, whileas some people set theirs to hard working. There is no bad or good in the world. Just different. And difference makes the world more fancy and enjoyable.

I'll work hard and play hard. But it won't possibly lead to die fast.
Life is what it should be. Enjoy everything.

A shot in Birmingham

First travel to Birmingham.

For the police registration.

Though it is the second biggest city in the UK, I found it was just industrial and of medium size. The subway station where i went for toilet was old and cold.

The church in the centre of the city was beautiful and impressing. Shopping malls were huge and lots of fun, for i am always a person who is crazy about shopping. I controlled myself successfully not buying useless items this time.

I dislike British food at all. When i felt cold in the rain, what i eagerly need was just a hot cappucino and a warm dish. I still cannot understand the eating habits here in England. Why so many cold sandwiches or baguettes? How strong a British's stomach should be!!!

Vegetable and fruit are cheaper in the open market in Birmingham than in Coventry city centre. But adding the travel expense together, i don't think it worth going to Birmingham for shopping every each weekend. Perhaps once a month is the best.

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