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February 06, 2006

Radio and The Sun

Well, I just listened to Ed's (from the show) radio show on the cambridge radio site, and he's really good! Quality show, worth a listen, 8pm-9pm Mondays, .

He also happened to mention an article in The Sun Online – here .

Apparently I'm 26 and the Maths Society Captain… Not actually… well… true in any way shape or form, but at least I wasn't misquoted!


February 01, 2006

Interviews, Essays and… Err… Interviews

This is officially the week of death, to be honest I don't even have time to right this, but I'm just waiting for a phone call at the moment…
The phone call I'm waiting for is from the Coventry Citizen who are going to be running a story on the show (Beauty and the Geek, starts 10pm Tues 7th Feb on E4) and want to interview me… Don't really know what I'm going to say, just hope they lead with questions and I don't say anything stupid…. phone call… hold on…

Well, that was easy, didn't really ask me any particularly troubling questions, they did ask if they could send over a photographer in an hour, but I decided against it – far too much going on at the moment to have to worry about that as well! To be honest, the interview was so short that I assume that it's only going to be a tiny piece… Ah well, it'll have a photo at least – I'll upload it here when I've got it :)

In other news, I think I sent my new laptop to my last year's on campus address… Oops.


January 28, 2006

Me – A Reality TV Star!

Right, let's get down to it, over Christmas I was filiming my part in a new E4 + C4 Reality TV show called Beauty and the Geek (no prizes for guessing which category I'm in!), and today the first paper with my photo in came out! Okay, it was the Daily Mail, not a real 'paper' i suppose, but even so! Okay, scans are linked at the bottom in the edit…
It's starting on E4 at 10pm on the 7th Feb, for 6 weeks, then being shown on C4 at 10:30pm from the 31st March for 6 weeks, each ep repeated the day after at midday on T4 (C4). Put it in your diary, you'll get to see my cry on national TV!


edit: okay, the scans are shit, I'll try to find somewhere else to upload them...

edit2: okey here they are 1 2 3 4 Jeb

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